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Roxanne asks...

This question is about: Separation Anxiety

YournHello! Sorry to bother you. I have a german shepard that is 6 months old and every time i leave the house he destroys the plastic pipe thats under the sink. I walk him before i leave and give him a kong with goodies and toys but he still destroys it. He has this destructive behavior only when he is left alone.

Hi Roxanne, he is more than likely bored and the plastic pipes are flexible, like a tennis ball, they loe that movement.  We have a GameChanger ,mental stimulation toy, that you put small good quality kibble into and they have to play with it and work out how to get the food/treats out. Vetalogica have a wonderful no grain option with some great flavours, no preservatives or additives, my dogs love the salmon and kangaroo variety., I place these into their GameChangers. They play with them for ages and then sleep as they are using their brain to work it out.  Kong's are good, but with mince & vegies. When you walk your dog make sue to do obedience and make him walk beside you - not pull out front. Do sit stays, door and gate control, a dog should never get through any doors or gate ahead of you, and get it using his brain from the time you place the collar and lead on. Doing some obedience with him on lead, also getting him to follow you in your yard off lead , whenever he gets ahead of you you must turn and change directions and place yourself in front i.e. the leader leads. So this must not be the dog.  Get his brain working before going to the gate on lead. If you go into our website you will see videos of the game changer.

Tamara asks...

This question is about: Puppy Management

Hello, I have a puppy that is 9 weeks old, we recieved him when he was 8 weeks. He is easy to train when it comes to: jump,sit, paw, and come here. The problem is that we cant get him to walk outside. When he sees the dog harness, he runs away to hus bed and pretends to sleep to avoid it. When we carry him all he does is whines and refuses to move and even pulling backwards as we just stan in the same spot. We have tried with dog treats and to encourage him with a ”come here” but he wont budge and the whines becomes louder. We live in sweden and we have alot of snow it is about -5 celcius. He wears a puppy sweater for him but he hates going outside.

Hi Tamara. it is all about educating your wee puppy and teaching him what you want in a way he understands. dog do get used to snow with time. Be patient. My suggestion is to place his collar and lead on him indoors initially, always under supervision and just let him walk around by himself, making sure that he does not get the lead tangled around a chair leg etc.  He will stand on the lead as he moves and he will get the tug feeling, this will become a natural feeling for him.  You could also sit down on the floor holding the handle of the lead ( we recommend using a 6'cotton lead not a short one)  tug 'gently' calling his name excitedly towards you.  Never try to reel him in like a fish on a line ) Lots of encouragement using happy tones is needed.  Praise him with each step he takes. Be patient, when he does accept the lead then take one step and stop one step and stop encouraging him to stay beside your legs, never in front.  Do the same with him outside - let the lead go and let him learn to accept it on his own.  Feed him outside with the lead on also.  Correct or ignore any whining or it will get worse. Don't let him inside if he is whining.  

Jordan asks...

This question is about: Hyperactivity

Hi, I have issues with my dog being too hyper-active, I know it’s an easy fix with exercise, but I am physically unable to walk him without my partner, due to pulling. I have been doing textbook training with him since he was a puppy, but he just doesn’t seem to stop pulling. I’ve tried to play with him in the backyard with some toys but he just gets too over excited and jumps on me. He is generally well behaved it’s just when we go for a walk or play nothing and no one matters. I have a baby on the way and I need to calm him down and exercise him, but I can’t seem to do it. What should I do?

Hi Jordan

We see on a daily basis hypo-activity in so many dogs.  We know a huge part of this can be diet related.  A natural raw diet is one way to ascertain if this is indeed part of the cause. Depending on the size of your dog - large breed chicken carcasses are great and for smaller dogs chicken wings and necks.  Never any cooked meat or bones.  Also scatter feed some frozen mixed vegies around the yard, give it something to forage for during the day.If kibble is used then you need a good quality one - LOW in carbs (rice pasta etc) no preservatives additives or food colourings.  there are some great ones available from PetStock PetBarn or the likes.  Just ask attendant.   Bark Busters has a WaggWalker harness that will assist you with the pulling on walks. check it out on home page video   Yyou can order one directly from Head Office if you want one.  Also it is important to never allow your dog out of any doors/gates/stairs ahead of you.  It should be trained to wait until you invite it in or out. .

Tracey asks...

This question is about: Sibling Rivalry - aggression or fighting between dogs in the same household Toileting

Hi ed is nearly 1 He has moved here 4 months ago with my son We have an older golden retriever Ed has been urinating in the other dogs feed bowl I think he does is after they are fed How can we stop this?rnThey all get plenty to eat rnThanks 😂

Hi Tracy, when a new dog is bought into the mix, like Ed has been, he is now showing your golden retriever that he is boss by marking 'his' territory.  The humans should always be the' top dog' in any situation. That way the dogs do not have to worry about whose in charge.   I would suggest you remove the feed bowls, and if there is no sign of food aggression or protecting of the food bowl from the other dog, try scatter feeding all food across the lawn.  This will keep them busy forging for their food, just like a dog would in the wild. Also scatter some diced frozen veggies around.   

Carolyn asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Destructive chewing that results in destruction of furniture, woodwork etc Digging Hyperactivity Jumping up at visitors or the dog jumps up at people on walks Separation Anxiety

We are looking after Maisie on the sunshine coast but in a few weeks time are taking her back home to the Jamberoo NSW area.rnDo you have a trainer down there and what are the costs please.rnrnShe will be going back to a home with several small children and she needs some expert training to prepare her for life there.

Hi Carolyn, the trainer in the Illawarra is Philip Comans. Masie will benefit with training as will the owners who have small children.  Get them all on the right track quickly in Jambaroo, this will help Maisie settle in without stressing. Philip will be able to give you the trainibg costs, email him on him on illawarra@barkbusters, 

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