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Mike asks...

This question is about: Toileting

Marty urinates inside the house sometimes, not all the time, mainly seems to be at night, but occasionally during the day as well. He sleeps in a dog bed in our bedroom & can let himself out.We have a 2 story house with dog doors so he can come & go as he pleases. I take him outside at night anytime I get up to go to the bathroom. He has been neutered.I reward him with praise & pats & cuddles when he does the right thing, but it's very rare that we catch him actually urinating, we find it later. It's normally by his reactions to us after he has done it, that we know he has done something wrong. It's kind of an "I'm sorry I did it again look" is there any way to stop him from urinating inside at his age, other than locking him outside all the time? Thanks  Mike Pilkington

Hello, I am not sure what age Marty is...but if he is an older dog then he should be able to hang on for a long time. There is training you can do to stop this, but I would be also looking into whether he may have some sort of infection or medical problem for him needing to pee so much, so a Vet visit will soon be able to answer that for you.              Regards Donna 

Brian / Kathryn asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise Pulling on the Lead Separation Anxiety

This isn't so much a question as a statement (mini-essay) of our problems in order of their significance. Archie has an inclination to want to bite people he doesn't know when they come to the house. I can't trust him enough to let him off the lead on the oval without having put a muzzle on him. Occasionally he gets out of the back yard and while he hasn't tried to bite anyone in the street (he generally just runs about our local area like a bit of a lunatic, exploring) we are always very relieved when we get him back in.. Getting him back in can be difficult. He runs away when you get near him and won't come to our calls. I've found the best way is to simply throw a bit of his dry dog food on our back deck and when he comes back in and is finding and eating that, I go out the front door and shut the backyard gate. (He'll run away again if I go out the back door). He also barks at possums at night though this is less of an issue now than it was a couple of years ago. (He's killed at least two possums in the past year). He has always been keen to set the pace when walking and isn't prepared to heel for more than a few seconds.rnrn4. He frets and barks a lot if I leave outside while I buy a coffee etc. Despite being de-sexed as a young puppy (RSPCA), he tends to be quite genitalia-orientated.

Archie - sounds like he just needs some good leadership and someone to sort out the gate so it does not get left open. You could start by placing him on lead and making sure that you always go through doors and gate first. The other thing you could try is to place him on a lead and in the back yard walk around, up and down the yard and if he runs in front of you turn and go in opposite direction, not saying anything, but pull the lead gently and keep walking until he catches up to you - do this for about 5 mins every day until he is walking beside your leg. These couple of thing should help with leadership.

If you are still having problems you might like to call our free call number 1800 067 710 and speak to the trainer in your area for some more advice.

Bron asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

Bruno is increasingly aggressive towards anybody (even people he knows well) that come onto our property. Initially he growled and followed, now he actually growls, barks and bites the back of people's legs. Can this behaviour be stopped?

A tough one Bron.....It sounds like you are giving Bruno to much area to look after and not enough pack leadership from yourself and other family member. Dogs are pack animals and they only have two defenses which are flight or fight.  If you are allowing him to look after the yard and he is not a confident dog to start with, then the only other thing he can do is use his teeth. It is hard to know what your set up is with your yard and so on, but you do need to start doing some regular training with him to let him know that you will look after the yard so he does not have to worry and take that roll on himself, which is what I feel he is currently doing. 

Maybe start with the door control, always making sure you go through before your dog and also through gates. You must never allow your dog to get anywhere ahead of you.

If you are walking in the yard off lead and your dog moves ahead of you, stop, clap and use the word that you use when your dog is naughty.  When your dog stops, in happy tones call your dog to you and repeat this exercise as many times as needed as he tries to walk ahead of you until you go to walk and he is beside or behind you and his focus is on you.

Now with this training in place when someone comes to your place you use that word get him to come back to you and place him in a safe place while the person enters your home.

Hope this helps.

Heidi asks...

This question is about: Other

Hi - A family member came over with his male 12weeks old mixed Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever puppy.I have a 7 year old male(un-neutered) Staffy. My dog was very exited but his eyes looked like he was very cautious about the puppy (sideways look towards him). When the puppy was on the floor my dog, shadowed him everywhere very close. At one stage he got very slow beside and over him and growled at the puppy, that worried me a bit. We would like for these two dogs to become friends but don't know if my dog shows to much dominance or aggression to be introduced to another male dog? He does get along well with all small dogs but has sometimes issues with bigger dogs or adolescence dogs.rnDon't know if that is something you manage as well but thought I ask you anyway, Thank you, Kind Regards, Heidi

This is a situation which is very difficult to assess without actually seeing your dog in action. Some dogs do get very territorial when a new dog comes into their yard and we have known some very unfortunate outcomes when this occurs.    You need to be careful and my suggestion is to just allow them some interaction for now through a fence/door or gate.  It sounds like your boy is just not too sure of the puppy,  he has also shown you that he is not at ease with other dogs also; so you may need professional help from your local trainer to address that issue and to also assess the situation with the puppy for you.  We recommend you never leave them alone together, also you may need to take the dogs and meet on neutral ground, with both dogs on lead at all times. - Donna 

Terry asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise

Bella does not normally bark at home but when she visits her cousin Bobbi (same breed) 2 or3 days a week and they both bark (Bella more so). They are usually home alone. The neighbours are complaining that they are barking constantly. The neighbours do have a cat and I suspect that this may be part of the problem as they do not bark (we think) when Bobbi visits Bella.

Bella : Hello...there are a few different reasons why Bella is barking at Bobbi's could be that she does not feel as comfortable at Bobbi's.....reason are endless a few possibilities are....the yard may be bigger than may not give her the comfort she needs, it may appear to her more open than her place, so then she feels the need to have to protect it....she also could feel the need to protect Bobbi as they are pack animals, so the short answer is she just needs a little pack leadership from you to know that when she is at Bobbi's you are going to deal with it and she does not have to......we can certainly help with this.

This may not be the fact, but you may be taking her to Bobbi because in your mind you think she needs company and needs another dog to play with, well this is not are her pack and by taking her to Bobbi's just unbalances the pack every time. I am not saying don't take her there, I am just saying she may need some guidance from you as her pack leader that she is fine while she is there. We deal with this scenario on a regular basis and your local trainer is here to assist you.

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