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Elaine asks...

You have on your website the Game Changer Toy and Wagg Walker Harness. rnCan you let me know the prices of each and if they are available in Australia. Thanks

Hi Elaine  -  our wonderful Bark Busters Game Changer toy and  our Bark Busters designed Wagg Walkers are definitely available right here in Australia.  You can either contact your local trainer or Head Office at

Chelsea asks...

This question is about: Aggression to a dog or other animal or where the dog is aggressive to the owner or a stranger

how do I train my dog not to be aggressive towards other dogs?

Hi Chelsea, Your dog is warning the other dogs to keep away. You can change her thinking this way by making her feel safe by becoming a strong confident leader for her.

Dog either want to flight or fight, she feels he has no option other than to react this way.  You need to teach her initially to trust you and your leadership this will make her feel safe. This leadership needs to be consistent. i.e. rules are rules and follow through with them on a daily basis. The most effective manner to do this is training her.   Once she has the level of respect and trust in you, you can then work on exposing her to other dogs- this must be done in a controlled environment. The dimpliest way  is to walk past other dogs that are separated from her by a fence.  Don't over expose her to too many dogs at once, dog parks are putting her into a stressful situation, so just walking past a house that has a dog is first step.  Once her adrenaline rises and she starts charging or barking at other dogs you need to address that behaviour and return home and gain more control in your yard. Both off and on lead. Once she releases that walking past other dogs are not a threat and cannot harm her you can gradually take her to dog parks however do this on a quiet day. with one or two other dogs in the area. Brining het closer to dogs so she realises they are not a threat.  Remember to praise her when she behaves acceptably.  Not all dogs are social animals and some dogs just cannot cope, however if strong leadership is provided by the human huge steps can be made so these outings become fun for you both.

Selina asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise

Hi!!r My dog barks at night randomly if she hears a noise or if another dog barks! We have kept the light on and then she doesnt bark but this cant be the fix forever. Please help! I need sleep!!

Hi Selina, Dogs, like us, operate in two modes when confronted with a situation in which they feel they are in danger: fight or flight. We need to change the mindset of your dog and let it know that not every encounter she has hears is a matter of life and death. I would recommend that you first teach her to trust you and your leadership this will let her know that you won't let any harm come her way.  The most effective way to dfo this is to train her.

Once she has that level of respect and trust in you and your leadership you can then work on any issues you feel needs addressing. Please contact your BB Trainer on our free call 1800 067 710 for more information if you have not heard from them already.

Sara asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise

Omg my dog just barks at anything, the doorbell, someone entering our house, a strange noise, and no matter how many times you say be quite, shut up, clap anything she doesn't listen just keeps going, I tried those bark stop bird house things nothing, you can tap her on the butt and she still keeps barking, another dog barks she barks it's driving me and my husband insane.. please help.

Hi Sara, the solution to her barking depends on many elements. Age, the reason why she feels the need to bark, anxiety etc. It could be just to get your attention or alerting you to something 'she' thinks is going on.  We have helped  families deal with their barking dogs over the past 27 years - however there is no ' one fix fits all' solution across the board. Each case situation has its own scenario.  Being physical by tapping her butt to address her barking is not working and more importantly may cause issues with your (or your visitors) hands in future,  so we advise never try to control a dogs behaviour using hands.  Hands must always be for feeding and patting - in other words - positive things only.   

Sonja asks...

This question is about: Barking at people, dogs, animals, birds or where the dog barks for attention or at the slightest noise

As soon as I get in the car with my dog he barks when I get out he stops. What do I do??rnThis is only when he is in the car

Hi Sonja - your dog could be either really excited or a little anxious. Either way his adrenaline is pumping so we need to get him settled before you drive off.  Do not use words like " want to go into the car?" in exciting tones,. Dogs learn by association so change your routine around a little. Take him out to the car on lead and sit him in your car, you go in beside him but do not pat or cuddle him. However do not go anywhere, just sit with him until he calms down, addressing the barking with the word you use when you correct him normally, when/if he stops barking praise him. Do this several times over a week or so and then when you see he is drive slowly down your driveway, if he barks stop the car until he settles, then drive straight back up again. Just sit in your car with him and see if he calms down. putting a dog in a crate is also a great safe and calming way to transport a dog. Regards Val

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