Dealing with Lead Pulling - Dog Training Tips

It is really amazing how many of our clients' dogs pull them down the street... Even the little five pounders!

I would like to provide you with a quick and easy thing to try when your dog is pulling your down the street. Simply turn around 180 degrees, walk in the opposite direction for about 10 feet, and turn around again 180 degrees. Just keep walking like nothing happened.

One of the things that is going on when your dog is pulling you down the street is that he thinks that he is in charge of the walk. He is in charge, he sets the pace, direction, etc. Well, he is not in charge, you are! (I hope you are.) To let your dog understand that you are in charge, you need to make drastic course corrections that will require your dog's immediate response. Turning around is a simple and very effective course correction.

After doing this a few times, your dog will understand that you are the one in charge of the walk and will start to provide you with more focus and attention. He now understands that he is with you and he needs to focus on you to know what to do.

Although this is not the only reason why a dog might be pulling on a walk, this technique is easy and has helped hundreds of our clients with their dog walking issues.

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