Bark Busters Story

Following is the story of how Bark Busters was born and how it came to be. There is more information available on our website - - Our Home Office is in Wollongong, NSW.

Bark Busters

Is Born

Bark Busters was formed in Australia in 1989 by Sylvia and Danny Wilson, expert dog trainers and authors of many dog training books on dog psychology and training.

Sylvia managed a RSPCA shelter for 10 years, in the Southeast of NSW Australia, before forming Bark Busters with her husband.

She had studied the behaviour and communication methods of dogs from childhood. While managing the shelter she was saddened by the number of dogs she saw being maltreated, abandoned and euthanised for behavioural problems, which she knew was due to a lack of consistent leadership, understanding and clear 'Canine Communication'.

Meanwhile on the other side of the globe Danny was working with farm dogs and helping farmers deal with behavioural issues.

Danny realised early on, that 'communication' between man and dog was one of the most important ingredients in stablising and calming stressed and traumatised dogs.

The merging of their ideas became the basis for creating the Bark Busters innovative, naturalistic and holistic training techniques. Our unique techniques have propelled Bark Busters' phenomenal growth worldwide.

Bark Busters is now the world's largest dog training company with more than 300 trainers worldwide.


Sylvia and Danny

Sylvia was born in Newcastle–upon–Tyne in the United Kingdom and emigrated to Australia with her parents at the age of 5.

Danny was born in Australia but was brought up near Newcastle–upon–Tyne United Kingdom. He returned to Australia when he was 26.

Some years later, Sylvia first met Danny when she was managing an RSPCA branch. They realised there must be a way to stop dogs from being returned to the shelter because of their behaviour. This is how Bark Busters came into being.

Danny and Sylvia's comments:

"We realised, while working at the RSPCA centre, that many dogs were being surrendered in their prime by their owners who could not control their bad behaviour. At the time there was no help for these people whose problems fell through the cracks."

"We noticed that many dog trainers were reluctant to deal with dogs deemed dangerous or difficult to train. Many prefer to recommend euthanasia without even meeting these dogs face to face. We never recommend euthanasia. We never turn any dog away!"

Bark Busters

Award Winning Company

  • 2015 Sylvia Wilson named by Smart Companies-Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs in Australia.
  • 2014 Sylvia Wilson named Entrepreneur of the Year-Women in the Pet Industry Network USA.
  • 2013 Sylvia Wilson named by Smart Companies-Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs in Australia.
  • 2007 Bark Busters named Australia's 5th fastest growing franchise in BRW's Hot Franchises List.
  • 2006 Sylvia Wilson (co-founder) recognised in BRW's Top 10 Australian Women Entrepreneurs List.
  • 2005 Illawarra Business Awards - Winner of the Wollongong City Council Innovation category.
  • 2004 Illawarra Business Awards - Winner of Exporter of the Year category.
  • 2002 Australia Post Small Business Awards- Small Business of the Year Winner. Integral Energy Illawarra Small Business Awards - Winner of Oz Industry, Export & Small Business Categories.
  • 1999 Sylvia Wilson inducted into Business Women's Hall of Fame-Australian Women’s Business Network.
  • 1998 Telstra Small Business Awards - Winner . Telstra Small Business Awards Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year (NSW) - Winner.

World's Largest

Dog Training Company

Established in 7 Countries

  • Australia.
  • New Zealand.
  • United States.
  • Canada.
  • Japan.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Spain.

Bark Busters are the only dog training company in the world that is established in 7 countries.

Bark Busters

Ahead of the Pack

Our Trainers have that special something!

  • Our trainers are passionate about the welfare of dogs.
  • Bark Busters training never employs any harsh methods.
  • They care for their clients.
  • Follow the holistic teachings of the Founders.
  • They deliver a professional service.
  • They get results, where others fail.

Bark Busters-Is A Howling Success!

  • Bark Busters is a well-established, respected worldwide dog training system, established in 7 countries.
  • Our system is holistic, kind and humane, using a unique method of training which is based on communication, not treats or pain.
  • Bark Busters has trained over 1 million dogs worldwide.
  • Bark Busters' dog training is non-physical, effective and fast
  • We use the dogs' own language and teach the owners how to communicate with their dogs.

Behavioural Issues are

Normal Dog Behaviours

Behaviour that Annoys Humans.

Dog Behavioural issues, those things that humans think of as unacceptable, are just normal dog behaviour.

In the dog world, dogs bark, chew, jump up, dig holes, snap, bite and chase animals.

Its when the dog enters the human world that this behaviour is frowned upon.

Its these behaviours that humans commonly need help to address.

Dogs Understand and Speak Dog.

Dogs in the 'dog world', living with other dogs, don't seek help to address other dogs behavioural issues, they deal with things themselves in a 'canine way'.

It's called 'canine communication' and most dogs will do what we want them to do, if we also communicate in a canine way and speak in a language they understand.

Bark Busters

Franchisees are well respected

Behaviour that Annoys Humans.

Our training philosophy is highly regarded and our people are professional and knowledgeable on the subject of dog behaviour and training, often appearing as guests on TV or radio programs and are highly recommended by veterinarians and pet professionals.

Bark Busters trainers are skilled in working with dogs of all breeds and types.

Bark Busters

Training Philosophy

We know dogs have their own form of 'Canine Communication".

BARK BUSTERS use the dog's form of communication to train, educate and form a strong 'HUMAN-CANINE' BOND.

We know that a 'mother dog' raises her puppies to live with dogs, not humans.

We believe that she provided the BLUEPRINT to show us how to Educate and COMMUNICATE with them.

Bark Busters believe that the human has to learn the ways of the dog.

...if they want to form a 'BOND that will last and one that is built on Mutual RESPECT'.

A Guarantee No One

Can Match

lifetime support guarantee

The Bark Busters Worldwide Guarantee is unique in the industry.

It is designed to help owners ensure that a dog’s behaviour and obedience issues are resolved, and to provide customers with ongoing peace of mind, which is redeemable in any country where Bark Busters is established.

Dog owners who have moved from the USA to Australia, for example, would be able to redeem their guarantee in that country.

The Guarantee moves with the Dog!

If a dog is rehomed, the Bark Busters guarantee goes with the dog and is redeemable by the new owner.

29 years

Over 29 Years Of History: Bark Busters has grown to be the largest dog training company in the world, with over 1 million dogs trained. The company is expanding rapidly internationally and can be counted upon to fully honour its guarantee.

We are always

Growing and Learning

Our Trainers never finish learning.

We are constantly upgrading their training because dogs are always teaching us something new every single day.

The Bark Busters


We train any dog, any age, any problem!

Our philosophy, is no dog should ever be turned away regardless of its problems, age, or breed.

Bark Busters



“I was absolutely amazed at the results we got in such a short space of time.”

“We were amazed at the difference in the behaviour of our dogs. It changed so quickly....Life is much better!”

“Our Therapist was fantastic. Firm, fair and very professional.”

“We are both very pleased with the service, only regret being we didn't contact you sooner.”

“Techniques used had an almost immediate positive effect on Murphy making him a calmer, quieter, and less anxious while keeping its personality.”

“We had a 3 hour session and the improvement was outstanding.”

“Our therapist helped us to understand our dog’s behaviour from a dog's perspective. The instruction given dealt beautifully with the problems we were experiencing.”

“You often see claims for instant or amazing results, but in the case of Bark Busters training methods, it really is true!”