Not Respecting Boundaries - Dog Training Tips

31st May 2018

dog boundaries

Boundary control is teaching your dog that he is not allowed in certain rooms or, for example, on the carpet, unless you have invited him.

To reinforce the idea of boundaries for your dog, he should not be allowed in the house without your invitation (even if the back door is open) or allowed out the exterior gates or front door without your invitation.

Your dog's ability to respect the boundaries you set will keep him safe as well as allow him to be in the same area as the family and visitors without being underfoot or bothersome, which is particularly helpful if your visitors are reluctant to be around dogs. It also reduces the issue of having him in the kitchen when you are preparing a meal or the dining room when you are eating a meal or entertaining guests.

Boundary control gives you the opportunity to invite your dog inside more often and allow him to be with the rest of the family because you know that he will stay in his designated dog-friendly areas.

If your dog consistently disrespects the boundaries you have set for his safety and enjoyment and yours, contact your local Bark Busters Dog Behavioural Therapist, who can help you with your individual situation.

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