Are Some Dogs Born Nasty and Vicious?

Bark Busters dog trainers are often asked if certain dogs are born mean or aggressive. However, dogs aren’t born this way, sadly, its dog owners that make them like that.

The other questions we get asked are if certain breeds just have a pre-disposition to being aggressive or vicious “ like Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and other breeds that have been unjustly branded as bad.

Some dogs may be born with neurological disorders that make them act out in unexpected ways, but there are few dogs which truly fall into this category. Some dogs are bred with breeds that should not be mixed. However, this is the exception, not the rule.

Dogs aren’t born mean; it’s dog owners that make them that way.

A puppy is like a newborn baby – innocent and sweet. Dogs can become mean because that’s what their dog owners teach them either willingly or by default.

Think of it this way. A dog is a reflection of you. If you give it love and the right type of discipline, it will be your best friend. Abuse it, ignore it and it will take control. Tether it outside day after day without any attention and it will become that dog that erupts into a barking frenzy, growling and straining to get off its chain. Our trainers have met some of the sweetest Pit Bulls and some of the meanest Labradors… it all depends on how they are raised.

Bark Busters was founded on the principal that there’s no such thing as a “bad dog.” Sadly too many dogs are euthanised or put up for adoption because they display aggressive behaviours. Many dogs become aggressive because their owners don’t know how to communicate with them. Bad dogs are bad because they do not understand what we consider bad and what we consider good.

Bark Busters have trained more than 1 million dogs worldwide and have seen it all. Aggressive dogs, ill-mannered dogs and dogs that were trained to fight. There have been dogs that were mistreated, neglected and abused. However, our Trainers have never encountered a dog they couldn’t train with enough love, patience and behaviour modification strategies.

If you have a dog that seems mean or aggressive, please call your nearest Bark Busters dog trainer. We will work with you to resolve ANY behavioural problems for ANY breed of ANY age!

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