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Michelle Howell

Expert Dog Trainer, Michelle Howell

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Lisa P Mitchelton, Queensland | November 18 2023

I could not be happier with the training provided for our dog Teddy by Michelle. Right from our first phone conversation she was understanding, empathetic and supportive about the issues we were having with Teddy. Her communication skills are fantastic and I felt very prepared for our first session together. I was amazed at Michelle's dog knowledge and training skills and she explained all aspects of the training so well, which meant I always understood why we were doing things. Our dog responded so well to her and we could see instantly how effective the training was going to be. She left us with clear training goals to work on over the next week, with assurances that we could contact her if we were having any issues before our next session. We're only a few days into our training and we're already noticing a big change in Teddy. He is so much calmer and responsive to our communication with him. We can't wait to continue our training with Michelle, so that we can have a calm and happy dog who adds happiness to our family without the stress. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who needs training assistance with their dog!

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