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Kelly McClelland

Expert Dog Trainer, Kelly McClelland

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Jessie H Lower Beechmont, Queensland | April 29 2024

Kelly is an absolute dog whisperer. She is so full of knowledge & opened our eyes up to things we would never had thought about. Both our dogs responded straight away to the training. My partner & I were almost hopeless with what to do with our two, with constant fighting which just kept getting more aggressive & more constant, though just after the first session with Kelly & implementing the things she taught us & the training they are both like different dogs & have hardly fought since. We couldn't recommend Kelly enough! We were hesitant to try a another dog trainer again after bad experiences with past trainers but we are so grateful we did as Kelly is worth her weight in gold.

Bark Busters dealt with Jumping up, Pulling, Recall, Sibling rivalry
Trainer note from Kelly :

Thank you for your kind review! Your British Bulldogs are so delicious! But, when larger breeds fight, it is absolutely terrifying for the owners. It was really important for you both to learn that you hadn't done anything wrong, it was more that the human way of looking at things, causes confusion for the dogs. Once we started their training, both dogs relaxed almost straight away, the jumping up stopped, their barking went to minimal very quickly, and the safety measures for food were introduced and proved to be easy, and maintainable. Thanks for being so open to small changes, they were different, happy, smiling puppies at lesson 2, I was thrilled to pieces with their relaxed demeanor and your level of calm control. Well done!!