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Kelly McClelland

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Tom C Cleveland, Queensland | June 07 2024

I was always sceptical about trainers and believing one would help our situation with two snags, Frankie (male) and Bonnie (female). They bark at the door, they bark at people/dogs on walks and they have severe separation anxiety.

It’s a work in progress but my wife and I couldn’t believe how effective Kelly’s queues were to get them on track. It’s true when they say, is it the owner or dogs being trained and 100% it’s us being educated about how to deal with different situations.

I took them out on a walk for the first time after the session with Kelly and was utterly blown away. Kelly taught us how to get them not to pull on lead (no bribery) and for 3km they didn’t once go in front of me (pack leading) they were my side for the entire walk.

I’m genuinely excited for our next session and couldn’t recommend Kelly enough. If you want straight forward/easy to follow instructions to get your puppy/dog on track, Kelly is the trainer for you!

Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Pulling, Separation anxiety
Trainer note from Kelly :

So many times I have heard "Dachshunds can't be trained, they are just inherent barkers". Well, your two could be heard from the car as I pulled up, so I knew from the start that their levels of noise, in a new home, would be causing you both so much stress! And what smart, delightful dogs you have! They responded to our calm corrections immediately (almost with a look of confusion as to why you were taking control LOL), and to see their eyes relax, and their body language settle through the lesson was just perfection.

Thank you again for inviting us in to assist with the barking, anxiety, pulling, dog reactivity, and door manners - I can't wait to start working on the off site training for pulling, and dog reactivity at lesson two! After that, they can come along to their 2 free group training sessions. Thanks again!