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Emma Reeves

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Debby A Secret Harbour, Western Australia | June 30 2024

Molly is a rescue of nearly 2 yrs old. She was living in fear from the neglect she received from her previous owners. She constantly barked at the slight drop of a pin, any noise set her off, she barked at humans and dogs. She had no discipline.

Emma came to my rescue and within 3 hours Molly was a changed dog. Molly was listening to my commands that Emma taught me and her barking had dropped 85%, it was a pleasure and relief to see Molly respond and more relaxed in her environment. Unbelievable change in 3 hours!

In 2 weeks Emma will walk Molly with me to the outside world she still fears but in the meantime I am putting in the training daily and seeing HUGE change for the better.

Molly now has hope and Love.

Bark Busters dealt with Barking, Hyperactivity, Pulling
Trainer note from Emma :

Thanks Debra, it was great to meet you, and Molly is so lucky to have found such a wonderful home with loving owners.

Looking forward to my next visit and helping to continue your progress.