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Welcome. If you have arrived at my page, your dog must need some training? I’ve been a Bark Busters dog trainer and behaviour therapist since 2007.

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“Ken was excellent, extremely friendly and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. He really helped me to naviagte some of the issues I was having with my 1 year old german shepherd.”

David, G., Hurstville Grove, NSW.

“After 1 session Jellybean was walking better on her lead. While things are not perfect Ken has been patient with us with follow up sessions as we needed help with our training techniques. He was great with Jellybean and she responded to his training.”

Julie, B., Grays Point, NSW.

“Ken was brilliant to work with. He asked many questions and provided us with the tools and understanding to effectively train Zelda. This worked. In one day Zelda was a new dog and she is getting even better day by day. Ken was extremely accommodating and managed to work with us over Video Call. We were recommended Bark busters from a family friend. I would highly recommend Ken to any new or experienced dog owner.”

Nelson, B., Paddington, NSW.

“Ken was a fantastic trainer and our pooch has totally turned the corner in just 7 days. The training itself is very easy to do and we are excited about having a well trained dog for the rest of his life. Five Star service Ken, thank you.”

Kevin, B., Sutherland, NSW.

“Ken was very reliable and gave us some very successful strategies.”

Lyndell, H., Gymea, NSW.

“Ken is great. Teddy really responds well to his training.”

Safiye, A., Oatley, NSW.

“Ken is brilliant! Within a instant our new puppy was listening. Ken gave us some great tips that have really assisted us!”

Jo, D., Sutherland, NSW.

“Ken is a professional and most effective dog trainer. He is quite effective at human training also. He saw the relationship between myself and Maverick and took immediate measures to restore the balance. He has an excellent disposition which makes him personable and has given me the right tools and guidance to train Maverick. It’s not easy..but Ken is always available for support. Best decision I have made for the benefit of Maverick and I.”

Faith, M., Mascot, NSW.

“Ken was great.”

Daniel, M., Caringbah, NSW.

“I’m really happy with the outcome of Kens training. After 2 visits from Ken, we’ve noticed Kobe is a lot calmer and less stressed when leaving him in his own.”

Ria, G., Banksmeadow, NSW.

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“I highly recommend booking a consult with Ken for in home training! Just unbelievable his training method. He gives you step by step process on building a relationship/trust with your dog rather than merely obedience. Very knowledgable and passionate. We are raising a puppy and can already see such a big difference after 2 sessions! He helped us with issues such as digging/recall/jumping/pulling on lead….our puppy has become so much more calm and relaxed. thank you Ken”

Rajeen W., Campsie, NSW.

“Ken has helped us with Mitch’s aggression towards other dogs, as well as general behavioural issues. Ken is very professional, is so great with Mitch and makes training him look so easy. We have seen results immediately, and if we need help Ken is always free to message or call.”

Rikki E., Engadine, NSW.

“As first time dog owners we wanted the right start for our new Labrador puppy Bailey and Ken showed us how to raise a well trained obedient puppy. Ken is a true professional and we highly recommend his services. Bailey is responding perfectly to the training and it’s making our lives a lot easier especially since we also have 3 young children under 5 years of age.”

Theano K., Kangaroo Point, NSW.

“Ken was absolutely phenomenal in assisting training my dog. His patience with us and storm were extremely appreciated and his knowledge is unparalleled. Ken isn’t the average dog trainer, he specialises in teaching the dog respect for the household and the people inside it with many approaches. Ken was a joy to work with and has taught us so much in only a few weeks. Ken has effectively helped us control our dog storm on walks and has educated us on how to manage her separation anxiety and aggression. I can honestly say making an investment into ken and bark busters was worth every cent and I would recommend him and the company for any issues you’re having with your dog.”

Matthew K., Mascot, NSW.

“The perfect pup!
After the first session, Ponyo responded extremely well.
Her obedience is something I never thought I would imagine having in a dog of mine.
Just a few things for example:
#1 She would not enter the house until I invite her to
#2 She loves playing fetch and will only do so after i give the order
#3 She waits until she is invited to eat her dinner
#4 no more separation anxiety and no barking

I will say a great big thanks to Ken Tran for making this happen.
I absolutely recommend and agree the training is worth every dollar.”

Joni C., Riverwood, NSW.

“We have now had 3 different dog trainers for our naughty pooch and nothing has worked until we met Ken!
Cooper has separation anxiety and does not go well when we leave the house. He barks constantly and gets aggressive towards other dogs and people that pass.
All we have wanted is to be able to take cooper on walks with us and take him to cafes and now we can thanks to Ken!
It has only been 2 lessons with Ken and already it feels like we have a new dog! Ken has equipped us with all the tools to train cooper and we are confident in the results already! We even took cooper to a restaurant with us last night.
Ken is so patient with us, he has tailored all the training to us and how we would like cooper to behave. He has checked in with us constantly and has been a huge support. Ken has been great in reassuring us he is always there to contact if we have any questions!”

Jess M., Miranda, NSW.

“”Ken is an outstanding young man, who has an amazing and calm approach to handling the problems in dogs. He gains immediate respect and gets fantastic results very quickly. Ken came back to us 10 days later for a follow up visit, and Max responded even better……and now we have a delightful dog who has almost stopped his incessant barking. We are SO grateful to Ken!”

Monica G., Sydney, NSW.

“Ken walked in and had an immediate impact for Marvin, me and my partner. He immediately rectified several of his troublesome behaviours and trained us to do the same in minutes.

I wish we met Ken and Bark Busters when Marvin was a puppy!”

Andy F., Bondi, NSW.

“Easy to organise an appointment, great communication, prompt, turned up on time.
Results amazingly fast and resolved our biggest issues.
Follow-up has been great and a well targeted second visit reinforcing the things we need to do and resolving other issues.”

Fran C., Lugarno, NSW.

“Ken has been fantastic from the first day! He went through things thoroughly with us before putting theory into practice. Our corgi has been extremely responsive to Ken’s training and we couldn’t be happier.

Ken has consistently contacted me to see how Roscoe has been and it is assuring that he genuinely cares about how our puppy is getting on.

I’ve had to call Ken out before our second appointment as Roscoe was playing up and we weren’t sure how to handle him properly; Ken immediately followed up and taught us to correct Roscoe.

We are very happy that Ken is our dog trainer! He is extremely patient, understanding and flexible and we are very pleased our puppy is in such good care with Ken guiding him.

We would highly recommend Ken to any other pet owner!”

Anh L., Zetland, NSW.

“Fantastic. Ken has a very pleasant nature, was quick to understand the issues and explain the causes in-depth. He was very courteous and patient and involved the whole family when explaining the solutions and walking through the training exercises . He followed up with phone calls during the week to see how things were progressing. And more importantly there as been a marked improvement in Molly’s behaviour after only 2 weeks and this will will only improve as we apply Ken’s techniques.”

Richard H., North Bondi, NSW.

“We literally saw a real life Dog Whisperer” in action last night. If we hadn’t seen the transformation with our own eyes.”

Lana H., Sydney, NSW.

“We have two beautiful Pomeranians. George is the eldest, and doesn’t have an behavioural issues. However, Daphne who is just over 1 has proven to be quite challenging. We have tried barking collars, and other trainers and nothing seemed to work. I appreciate Ken’s gentle approach, my pups are like my children, and they’re very little. So rough training doesn’t suit them or me.
After the first session I saw incredible improvements. There were further improvements after the second session. I feel relieved to know that Ken offers a life time guarantee. He contacts me regularly to find out how Daphne is. He explains his techniques, and trains”” my husband and I. I would recommend Ken to anyone needing assistance. ”

Anna L., Darlinghurst, NSW.

“Gunner is a good dog but loves to play rough and his walks were controlled by him. With a baby on the way we needed to be able to control him. Ken was great at getting the information he needed to give us the best possible advice. He explained everything really well and had Gunner obeying commands within the first 5 minutes of meeting him. We could not believe how much Gunner improved after the first session. In the second session Ken went even further and really impressed us with the water bag technique. It was simply amazing to see Gunner concentrate totally on us while we walked passed other dogs. He even seems to enjoy his walks even more now that he has a job to do. As with everything in life you get what you put in, so with constant follow up training that Ken showed us, it has made our 38kg German Shepherd a joy to walk with. I can’t recommend Ken enough.”

Sandra, R., Lugarno, NSW.

“My dog was a terrible barker and it was most annoying to me and to my neighbours. I had previously tried using a bark collar, but that only worked when he was wearing it, and then not very successfully. After one session with Bark Busters his behaviour improved remarkably, to the point that someone asked me if I had sedated my dog!”

Kensington, NSW.

“I was astounded that after one short session, all the concerns I had about my one year old puppy were basically resolved. My pup would try and steal food off our plates while we were eating on the couch, would nibble on peoples hands, would run in every which direction when going on a dog walk, and would bark and jump when we were eating a table. A few weeks on, we are still reminding him not to jump up while we eat at the table (it’s a work in progress) but everything else is 100% resolved. Thank you Ken from Bark Busters.”

Alison, G., Surry Hills, NSW.

“Ken was calm and in control. He was confident and it was easy to follow his instructions. My dog was quite a different animal by the end of the first session. The 2nd session was about road rules and it was a huge lesson for us both. My dog is now (fairly) calm, he is relaxed and (mostly) obedient. I realise it’s about spending quality time with my dog and so far it’s working. I am glad I made the call.”

Michelle D., Punchbowl, NSW.

“We were at an absolute loss with our German Shepherd puppy. We had a specialist German Shepherd trainer who told us we wouldn’t be able to handle her. We had tried what we thought was every dog training trick in the book and nothing was working. After 2 hours with Ken she was a different dog! We still have a long way to go but the progress she has made in just a few weeks is unbelievable.”

Elise, R., Engadine, NSW.

“Surprised that one initial session with follow-up at 3 weeks could produce such good results. Phone check-in by trainer also allowed me to ask questions after trying methods in following days.”

Clovelly, NSW.

“Ken is an asset to the company. He didn’t make the training a chore and put us all at ease. He knows and enjoys his job well.”

Sydney, NSW.

“Ken was very friendly and explained the training techniques thoroughly. The techniques were simply easy to apply and immediately effective. Looking forward to our next session and taking what we’ve learnt to an outside environment.”

Sydney, NSW.

“Ken is very efficient and professional from the first conversation I had with him. He is very patient with my dog and with my kids that have lots of questions. Excellent experience. Results showed straight away.”

Sydney, NSW.

“Amazing. Noticed a difference straight away. Be prepared to put in your own effort to maintain the results. Ken is the dog whisperer!”

Sydney, NSW.

“Ken is an expert at what he does, very knowledgeable, confident and competent. He is very encouraging and wants to see that you and your dog succeed. Very professional and natural training method.”

Sydney, NSW.