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The Bark Busters insights and training we offer are fantastic!

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Starlight Children’s Foundation

“Lynden had the boys responding to him immediately. He then had them responding to us just as fast. Such a brilliant, simple and timely revision of the basics of working with our dogs. We thought we were using the right techniques and were frustrated by the lack of progress but Lynden showed us just how effective the right techniques used at the RIGHT time and with consistency can be. We are feeling much more confident that we can control and ultimately correct the boys behaviour issues and we can all lead a happy life together. We highly recommend Lynden and the Bark Busters training program/technique. Simple, effective, humane and positive.”

Carrie M., Brisbane, QLD.

“We were amazed at how well Jazz responded. It’s like having a new dog. Our neighbour also can’t believe the difference. Jazz rarely barks now and is a lot calmer. Our neighbour can garden again! When we bring Jazz inside she sits on her mat and responds very well to our instructions. Jazz now comes almost everytime we ask her to come and we are really enjoying her.”

Karen E., Arana Hills, QLD.

“Our experience with Lynden was very informative and helpful. The techniques we were shown we saw an immediate response from our dog. I would not hesitate in recommending Bark Busters.”

Kristy P., Brisbane, QLD.

“It was amazing. Our dog responded to Lynden immediately and sat by him watching him and waiting for directions! Lynden took his time explaining everything to us and getting us to practice while he watched and gave feedback. Our dog has gone from only listening to us when it suited him, to being an angel!”

Vanessa C, Mcdowall, QLD.