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“Peter did an awesome job with your cheeky little bully. She wasn’t one for physical activity, she walked for 5 minutes then would throw a tantrum. Within 1 session with bark busters and consistent training, Ava is now walking with no tantrums. She is becoming the perfect little bully. She no longer jumps on guests and she is controlled around kids. We now know how to train and speak her language. We would highly recommend. Thanks so much!”

Megan R., Oran Park, NSW.

“Our 18 month old Rottweiler x, Elsa’s barking was uncontrollable. After many failed attempts to stop her barking with expensive gadgets we were at our wits end. Finally a nuisance barking letter from the council prompted us to call Bark Busters. Peter was fantastic and we saw instant results with Elsa. A week into her training and we can’t believe the results, she’s like a new dog. She no longer barks at us and has stopped jumping on people. We are still monitoring her daytime barking and are really looking forward to Peter’s follow up visit. The training techniques are simple and easy to follow. Definitely worth the cost and I have been recommending them to everyone. We can now have visitors over without worrying she will bark the whole time and annoy our guests by jumping on them. My partner and I are much less stressed out and so happy with the progress we’ve made so far. Peter even wrote a letter to the council detailing the training and the steps were taking to stop Elsa’s nuisance barking. Thank you so much Peter!”

Miri, P., Schofields, NSW.

“We have used Peter for all our new additions, he is knowlegable and knows how to interact with the most problematic dogs, We love Peter and have no problems recommending him.”

Vanessa, S., Doonside, NSW.

“Diego our 3 year old Staffy came from a awful previous home which caused him to be quite fearful of pretty much everything. He was never focused always demanding for things to be on his terms like trying to run through the door when opening it as well as whining very loud if we left the house the room or even going to the bathroom without him, also demanding pats and to be on the lounge & the bed. He also was a big jumper as well as constant mouthing. I just know he is a great learner he picks up things well but I did not know really how to help him be calm, relaxed and happy which was my only goal at this point.

After finally deciding I would try bark busters (after spending hundreds with other trainers who did not work out) I am so thankful I did. Peter was great with Diego and I learnt so much from him I will be forever grateful. Within the first hour of peter being there Diego’s house manners were beautiful, we even got him to stop running out of the door almost instantly and he has not tried to run out since which is a huge thing for us and great for when we have guests over. He also had a big test of all his new rules the day after I had seen Peter I had friends come over and he was so well behaved, did not jump once or try to mouth anyones hand to pat him. Overall I think it is so beyond worth the money also I am already getting so many compliments from my family and friends on how great is is being.

If you’re still thinking about it I would say be open minded to the Bark Busters techniques and really just give it a go, your dog is worth it and they work!”

Jacinta, S., Schofields, NSW.

“I’m so thrilled I called BarkBusters. Peter is the dog whisperer ! We saw an immediate response in both dogs. I was stunned ! I have had three good nights sleep with no dog issues since he came, which I would never have believed could happen. Definitely money well spent.”

Anya, L., Castle Hill, NSW.

“We rescued Lucy from a Shelter , and she is such a sweet heart. Unfortunately we left her for 2 nights in a Dog Shelter when we went on holidays where we suspect she was attacked. Her manners towards other dogs escalated, and she is extremely aggressive.

Peter came to our house, and explained how the canine world works , and taught us commands and skills to help become the pack leaders again, and make Lucy feel secure , safe and protected. We saw results instantly , it was amazing. I’ve never seen Lucy walk behind someone on the lead, so quickly. Straight away she acknowledged that we were leaders and was listening! What we got out of just our 3 hours is more then we ever thought or achieved in 6 months! Can’t wait to see Lucy’s progress over the next coming weeks! Eventually we hope that Lucy feels so safe she will no longer have anxiety when she sees a dog on a walk.”

Ashley, H., Kellyville, NSW.

“We’ve got a much calmer dog and she appears to be happy with the new arrangements! There are still things that we, the humans in the pack, need to address and we’re looking forward to Peter returning and continuing our education.”

Iris, S., North Richmond, NSW.

“Peter came and showed us how to deal with certain things we were concerned about and in 1 session he changed Izzy and is now a changed dog. His training and teqnique was awesome . Very friendly and knowledge about dogs and company is great. Explained clearly what we need to do.”

Laurent, H., Jamistontown, NSW.

“Peter was amazing, we could not believe the change in Jasper while Peter was here. Obviously we have a lot of training to do but definitely would recommend him and bark busters. No question was left unanswered and genuinely believe it is the best option for our dog and was worth every cent.
Thank you Peter.”

Daniel, R., Kings Park, NSW.

“Peter helped us with some issues with our rescue dog Bear, who was barking excessively whilst we were at work and showing aggresion to other dogs. Peter’s techniques were very effective and easy to undertand.He also helped us with lead training for both our dogs. Peter was prompt and professional.We would definitely recommend Peter.”

Robyn, H., Quakers Hill, NSW.

“Loki was a very hyperactive, energetic, noisy puppy. After Peter’s first visit, it was like we had a different dog. Loki was only 14 weeks old at the time of Peter’s first visit. We had trouble with him biting/nipping, jumping, barking and digging. From Day 1 after Peter’s first visit, Loki’s behaviour changed for the better! With consistent training each day, within the first week, we had little to no biting/nipping, no barking and/or jumping and digging had stopped altogether! Peter went through every detail, tip and trick in the Bark Busters book. Now, 5 weeks later, Loki is a very happy and energetic puppy just without the hyperactive behaviours! Honestly, cannot recommend Peter and the team at Bark Busters enough.”

Courtney, H., Catherine Field, NSW.

“Our first training session with Peter was very informative, constructive and successful. Peter had explained to us before our first session that our 1 y/o vizsla would need a fair bit of time to overcome his fear/anxiety in regards to visitors coming to the house however, within fifteen minutes of training we had control over his barking/fearful behaviour while Peter tried different strategies to test the training skills we had learnt. Following Peter’s instructions and our daily training guide I am so confident that these issues will be solved.”

Hannah, N., Galston, NSW.

“This was a great lesson for both dogs and humans great response form both dogs within minutes the training tools that were given are great as long as everyone that is learning uses them continuously.”

Lesla, B., Rooty Hill, NSW.

“WOW! Peter was amazing! Thank you Peter for sharing with us the tools needed that will enable us to share a life full of joy and love with Apollo. We could see an improvement within the first few minutes of Peter being here. The jumping all over us has almost stopped and there has been an improvement on the leash pulling. The peace of mind knowing that we can call on you anytime we need help is a blessing. Looking forward to our catch up session. Thank you again Peter.”

Maria, T., Glenwood, NSW.

“Peter was very informative and helped us very much.”

Michelle, D., Kellyville, NSW.

“Training was awesome. We are doing well. My girl continues to test me but responds when I use the ‘magic’ word. So I am happy.”

Di, T., Parklea, NSW.

“Beautiful Lola. Our story begins with Lola an America Staffy X Boxer/Labrador retriever. Lola was a surrendered dog to a shelter we visited where we then decided to adopt her into our family. Unfortunately Lola’s history was lacking in information. We fell in love with the concept of adopting and rescuing a dog and the dream that everything will work itself out. Lola was at the time of adoption a very boisterous 2 year old.

We also have a seven year old family Shiba Inu. I truly had no idea of what lay ahead. Our family consists of four. Our children are young adults and with that we all have different ways of dealing and expressing ourselves. We are also very relaxed, stress free and generally a quiet household.

We felt extreme pity for Lola and there was the start of our own undoing. She was on the beds, the couch, walking in the kitchen, pulling when on walks, barking at the gate, barking at our family dog, showed dog aggression and people reactive traits. It was chaos. We trained Lola where she would sit, drop, wait and walk beautifully on a lead whilst in our backyard but once on the street it was hell. Her behaviour was out of control at times, whether it was anxiety or nervousness. In stepped Peter from Bark Busters.

He has trained not Lola but US. We are now, as a family, all on the same page. He has shown us not to pity Lola but to embrace her and show her where she fits in the family order. We now have no issues in the household with her. Our Shiba is no longer being barked at. Peace has been restored and tensions have gone. Peter has given us the tools to now enjoy our walks on the street and outings to the parks. Slowly each day Lola improves on her outings; coping better and responding quickly.

Peter has given us the confidence to tackle a situation that we crumbled at before. People I met on my walks who knew Lola before bark buster can’t believe it’s the same dog. Each day is a new day and some of those days we have hiccups however the next day seems better than ever. We still have more work to do but the outlook is positive. Peter’s words of wisdom, encouragement and praise are rewarding as too are the efforts of completing the training schedule. The outcome has been worth every bit of effort. It is an awesome feeling when you walk somewhere with a well behaved dog because it actually turns heads.

Life is not perfect and I don’t expect Lola to be perfect, she is a dog with a wonderful personality. Lola has come such a long way and so have we.
The bond between Lola and us and also with our family dog is amazing. Lola has been with us now for 7 months and I have no regrets. Peter has helped us so much. Actually My only regret is that I wished I called bark busters sooner.

The tools Peter has taught us are life skills in which my children now have for when they have their own pets.
Thank you bark busters! THANK YOU Peter!!!”

Chris, R., Rouse Hill, NSW.

“Very good, the dogs responded well. It made sense to communicate with the dogs as Peter suggested. I was glad that it is not treat based, the dog responses to you not the treat.”

Maria, L., Grasmere, NSW.

“Peter is a God send:) We explained to him we have a new puppy and our older girl Penny Lane has an aggression problem towards the puppy. We could not leave the two alone together without the fear of the puppy getting attacked.

Peter explained very clearly what we need to do to help our situation. Within minutes of the training Peter had Penny Lane’s behaviour under control, which is no under statement. We had been using a muzzle on her prior to using Bark Busters and I have NOT used it once since the day of the training. Which is such a relief.
Thank you!”

Rachel, B., Camden South, NSW.

“Our 2yo Rottweiler Kippa wanted to eat everyone that came to our house. She barked and lunged baring her massive teeth even snapping at my mum when she visited. Peter came to our house and after our presentation we got right to work. Within 15-20min we had a dog that no longer barked at strangers walking up to our door, no longer barked at workers wearing hi vis and seemed much calmer.

We also learned how to work with her to stop her barging out of the gate without being invited, how to walk on a loose lead (which we need lots of practice at), recall and how to keep her calm during patting. I went from having a hyper dog that no-one wanted to be around to having a calm dog that we feel safe around and want to spend time with.

We are practicing our exercises every day and every day I get more excited about how far we’ve come. I can’t thank Peter enough. He is so knowledgeable about all things doggy. We even changed Kippa’s diet to raw meat and Peter’s ideas and advice made this transition seamless. He certainly saved our family from a lot of stress and potential danger. We hope to take her to the beach one day. Looking forward to that day.
I would recommend Peter to anyone.”

Melanie, P., Rossmore, NSW.

“Peter visited our 3 dogs, 1 pug and 2 chihuahua’s.
Within 30 mins there was a dramatic change to all 3 dogs…we couldn’t believe what we were seeing!
Only one week on the dynamics in the house is wonderful. No barking dogs, no Chihuahua visitor aggression, and no jumping up from the pug.
All three dogs now enjoy one another’s company and they all have their own blankets they sleep on during the day (not on the leather lounge) and will not sneak onto our beds unless we invite them on. They are quite happy to sleep on their blanket on the floor.
As for toileting it has improved but still a way to go until it is perfect, however it is a good work in progress
Peter was very clear in his direction and explanations, and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

David, L., Annangrove, NSW.

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we cannot recommend Peter from Barkbusters enough. He’s a miracle worker. Chase is a Labrador x Kelpie who we rescued 3 months ago. He is such a lovely dog but we had major issues with him when we’re out walking. He would pull so much on the lead, to the point of almost pulling us over and it was almost impossible to walk past cars, bicycles, other dogs or people without him going crazy. This made it very stressful and we began dreading taking him for a walk every day. We read reviews about Peter online and thought we would give it a try. We did our sessions via zoom due to restrictions but this did affect the training in any way. We were absolutely amazed the difference in just a couple of hours. We learnt how to effectively talk to Chase in a way that he understood. Chase was listening more in the house and then walking so nicely on his lead in the garden. The next challenge was walking on the street with Chase. We took it slowly, doing plenty of training in the garden and we are now at the point where he is walking nicely down the street and is becoming a lot less distracted by things passing by. We have only been doing the training for 3 weeks and Chase is like a completely different dog when out on his lead. We can not thank Peter enough. We can now go out as a family and not worry about being dragged down the street.

Joanne K., Regentville, NSW.

“Peter has been a lifesaver with our little puppy Sunny. We were so worried about her anxiety it was giving us anxiety of our own! Peter helped us learn how to speak sunnys language and gave us a bunch of tips to help other problematic behaviour. Sunnys behaviour has improved so much and it’s a huge relief to know we have Peter to help us for any future issues that pop up. Thanks!!”

Samantha G., Winmalee, NSW.

“Our 16 month old kelpie Archie constantly barked at the vacuum cleaner (and any other appliance that makes a noise), at us when we left the house, as people walked past on the street, and many other undesired behaviours that left us frustrated and at a loss as to what to do. After the first lesson with Peter we saw a huge change in Archie in terms of his behaviours. We can see that there has been a shift, and Archie is now seeing us as the leaders. Peter taught us how to communicate with Archie in a way that he is responsive to. Peter is clearly very gifted and experienced in training dog owners. We had tried to research online for months without much success with our dog, but having personal feedback from an expert made all the difference. We have only had two sessions with Peter and we are excited to see more changes to come. We are so glad that we spent the money, which allows us to have a better and less stressful life with our dog. Thank you so much Peter!”

Lucy F., Wentworth Falls, NSW.

” I contacted Peter to seek help with my 4-year-old female American Staffy, Aura. Aura is a beautiful companion, but she was attacked as a puppy and has since had issues with dog aggression. She would bark at passers-by our house and was a nightmare on the lead when we saw other dogs. While I could manage Aura’s issues by limiting the types of interactions she had, I felt she wasn’t getting the most out of life. I contacted Peter during the Covid-19 restrictions, so we arranged to begin training via Zoom. At first, I was concerned that this method wouldn’t be as effective as in-person training, but I saw the ‘lock-down’ as the perfect time to get on top of some of Aura’s issues, as I would have more time than usual to practice with her. In three short weeks, I have seen a huge transformation! I have learned how to be the leader of our pack and speak Aura’s language. Aura seems happier at home and eagerly looks to me for leadership. We have been working on lead training for the past ten days, and I’ve learned how to stop her from pulling! As a strong American Staffy, I used to have a sore back from long walks with her, as she’d pull me along. But I persevered because she’s an active breed and needed the exercise. Now, when we practice lead training, the lead is slack, and Aura is so much more relaxed! Peter, Aura and I are still working together. We are yet to begin working on re-introducing Aura to having dogs in her environment, but with the fantastic progress that she has made in such a short time, I’m confident we can have her feeling comfortable around dogs soon.”

Sophie L., Faulconbridge, NSW.

“Peter visited our 3 dogs, 1 pug and 2 chihuahua’s.
Within 30 mins there was a dramatic change to all 3 dogs…we couldn’t believe what we were seeing!
Only one week on the dynamics in the house is wonderful. No barking dogs, no Chihuahua visitor aggression, and no jumping up from the pug.
All three dogs now enjoy one another’s company and they all have their own blankets they sleep on during the day (not on the leather lounge) and will not sneak onto our beds unless we invite them on. They are quite happy to sleep on their blanket on the floor.
As for toileting it has improved but still a way to go until it is perfect, however it is a good work in progress
Peter was very clear in his direction and explanations, and we would have no hesitation in recommending him to others.”

David, L., Annangrove, NSW.