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we cannot recommend Peter from Barkbusters enough. He’s a miracle worker. Chase is a Labrador x Kelpie who we rescued 3 months ago. He is such a lovely dog but we had major issues with him when we’re out walking. He would pull so much on the lead, to the point of almost pulling us over and it was almost impossible to walk past cars, bicycles, other dogs or people without him going crazy. This made it very stressful and we began dreading taking him for a walk every day. We read reviews about Peter online and thought we would give it a try. We did our sessions via zoom due to restrictions but this did affect the training in any way. We were absolutely amazed the difference in just a couple of hours. We learnt how to effectively talk to Chase in a way that he understood. Chase was listening more in the house and then walking so nicely on his lead in the garden. The next challenge was walking on the street with Chase. We took it slowly, doing plenty of training in the garden and we are now at the point where he is walking nicely down the street and is becoming a lot less distracted by things passing by. We have only been doing the training for 3 weeks and Chase is like a completely different dog when out on his lead. We can not thank Peter enough. We can now go out as a family and not worry about being dragged down the street.

Joanne K., Regentville, NSW.

“Peter has been a lifesaver with our little puppy Sunny. We were so worried about her anxiety it was giving us anxiety of our own! Peter helped us learn how to speak sunnys language and gave us a bunch of tips to help other problematic behaviour. Sunnys behaviour has improved so much and it’s a huge relief to know we have Peter to help us for any future issues that pop up. Thanks!!”

Samantha G., Winmalee, NSW.

“Our 16 month old kelpie Archie constantly barked at the vacuum cleaner (and any other appliance that makes a noise), at us when we left the house, as people walked past on the street, and many other undesired behaviours that left us frustrated and at a loss as to what to do. After the first lesson with Peter we saw a huge change in Archie in terms of his behaviours. We can see that there has been a shift, and Archie is now seeing us as the leaders. Peter taught us how to communicate with Archie in a way that he is responsive to. Peter is clearly very gifted and experienced in training dog owners. We had tried to research online for months without much success with our dog, but having personal feedback from an expert made all the difference. We have only had two sessions with Peter and we are excited to see more changes to come. We are so glad that we spent the money, which allows us to have a better and less stressful life with our dog. Thank you so much Peter!”

Lucy F., Wentworth Falls, NSW.

” I contacted Peter to seek help with my 4-year-old female American Staffy, Aura. Aura is a beautiful companion, but she was attacked as a puppy and has since had issues with dog aggression. She would bark at passers-by our house and was a nightmare on the lead when we saw other dogs. While I could manage Aura’s issues by limiting the types of interactions she had, I felt she wasn’t getting the most out of life. I contacted Peter during the Covid-19 restrictions, so we arranged to begin training via Zoom. At first, I was concerned that this method wouldn’t be as effective as in-person training, but I saw the ‘lock-down’ as the perfect time to get on top of some of Aura’s issues, as I would have more time than usual to practice with her. In three short weeks, I have seen a huge transformation! I have learned how to be the leader of our pack and speak Aura’s language. Aura seems happier at home and eagerly looks to me for leadership. We have been working on lead training for the past ten days, and I’ve learned how to stop her from pulling! As a strong American Staffy, I used to have a sore back from long walks with her, as she’d pull me along. But I persevered because she’s an active breed and needed the exercise. Now, when we practice lead training, the lead is slack, and Aura is so much more relaxed! Peter, Aura and I are still working together. We are yet to begin working on re-introducing Aura to having dogs in her environment, but with the fantastic progress that she has made in such a short time, I’m confident we can have her feeling comfortable around dogs soon.”

Sophie L., Faulconbridge, NSW.