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I’m not sure we will ever train Hannah to sleep outside, which was one major goal. The other, which was to train her not to pee indoors, seems to have happened on its own accord. If both happen (permanently) because of all the training on broader behavioural issues I will be happy. I learnt a lot; but it was a lot to absorb, and I don’t have a lot of time for practice”.

Helen, M., Ulladulla, NSW.

“Excellent. I have recommended Bark Busters to other dog owners.”

Warwick, W., Greenwell Point, NSW.

“Within 5 minutes my dog showed an absolutely amazing transformation. The techniques are easy to continue at home and, unlike other people I’ve tried, the ones Bark Busters showed me continue to work beautifully. It was nice to see my naughty dog respond so well. Already recommended Bark Busters to every dog owner I know. Excellent service.”

Alex, H., Callala Beach, NSW.

“It was amazing today! I’m so thankful for the training given to our dog! We saw an instant improvement in our dog with the methods given us. We were over the moon and cannot recommend Bark Busters highly enough! THANK YOU! !!”

Courtney, U., Nowra, NSW.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training for Ralph with Philippa and found the methods gentle and easy on Ralph. The process was very well explained and the steps reinforced the learning. It was essential I took control of Ralph as he is quite large. Ralph is progressing well and I feel much more confident guiding his movements. Philippa understands the interaction with animals and is a really lovely and professional trainer of handler and dog.”

Robyn, F., Shoalhaven Heads, NSW.

“I am so amazed by the service provided by Philippa and the instant effects it has had on my puppy Lenny. Philippa has such a warm and friendly nature about her that made me feel so comfortable and confident in Lenny’s training. Even after the FIRST session with Philippa I could see changes! Not only did Philippa praise Lenny throughout the session but she also made me feel great about taking control and learning myself. Well worth the money spent!”

Sarah, B., Shoalhaven Head, NSW.

“We were very impressed with the professional knowledge of Phillipa. The results with Bella are proof in the pudding. We’re very happy with the resultant behaviour of Bella.”

Bernadette, C., Worrigee, NSW.

“We had Phillipa Dakin as our teacher and she was fantastic – so patient with us and Boots – can’t wait to see her again in 2 weeks.”

Veronica, H., Sussex Inlet, NSW.

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“Philippa was an excellent support and teacher for Kai and I. She has a professional and kind manner and is really passionate about dogs and training. Her love of animals is really clear and she backs this up with knowledge and confidence. Just what we needed. Kai is a rescue dog with some anxious and skittish behaviours that I wasnt sure how to handle and Philippa was very clear and has put us on a great path. With Philippa’s help, Kai walks really well on a lead now, and has her own bed (before she really ‘owned’ the couch) which she now understands is hers. We have a bit of a long road ahead, but I am so grateful for Philippa’s help and guidance.”

Helena M., Callala Beach, NSW.

“Philippa was very informative, helpful & professional. Explained everything clearly, and gave us lots of useful information & tips to assist us in the training of our dogs. Philippa was courteous, polite and patient, with us and our dogs.”

Dale S., Sanctuary Point, NSW.

“Philippa was knowledgeable and professional. It was vital to learn the psychology behind the behaviour of my puppy to understand his needs. I am grateful to have signed up to Bark Busters. However, following the continual information I was given regarding the importance of being and maintaining positivity around my puppy, I was surprised the water bottle and pillow were introduced. I remain hesitant in my use of these. I responded ‘no’ to the question below because of my hesitation, but if there was a ‘maybe’ I would have chosen that option instead. Perhaps my mind will change in time, this is my first dog after all and he is still very young. This comment is in no way is a reflection of Philippa’s expertise and efforts. She was great, so positive and helpful! I particularly liked the way she had me recap what I was doing and saying and then unpack why. Fantastic teaching!”

Melanie W., Callala Bay, NSW.

“Fantastic service. Philippa was helpful and insightful giving all our family members the tools they need to help with our dogs behaviour. We could see our dog responding to the techniques straight away.”

Amy V., St. George's Basin, NSW.

Fantastic trainer explains her experience and passion for what Philipa does very easily , the kids and I learnt so much!

Brendan F., Cambewarra, NSW.

Extremely informative & helpful. Philippa is wonderful.

Debbie L., Vincentia, NSW.

Pinot was a star. Phillipa did an epic job showing us the correct way at giving Pinot boundaries.

Leah F., Vincentia, NSW.

Was very happy with the first training session. It took Bear awhile to respond to the training but with Phillipas help we got there in the end. He was very responsive.

Estelle, P., South Nowra, NSW.

Very good first training, it was great to see that Misty (10 yo dog) responded to the training.

Zindia N., Berry Mountain, NSW.

Luna responded really well to the training provided for us by Pippa. Pippa was friendly, professional, clear, firm in her delivery and instruction of techniques to be used and practiced.

Joanna, M., Callala Beach, NSW.

“We were very much looking forward to being trained by Philippa and were not disappointed. She was thorough and clear and not at all judgemental.
Brie took to the training very well and is already more responsive and relaxed now she doesn’t have to ‘work above her pay-grade’.
While we are thrilled with the improvement so far, we realise that there is more work to do. We are committed to honing our training skills and setting aside some dedicated training time each day. We know a small effort on our part will translate to and even more relaxed and happier little dog.
Thank you Philippa and Bark Busters. We couldn’t have got this far without the training you provided.”

Debbie T., Batehaven, NSW.

Very pleased to see immediate results during our initial Training session, and ongoing improvement in the 3 days since. Written information and training aids provided have been very helpful. Our Trainer was professional, friendly and willing to explain strategies to help my children also understand so that training is consistent for our 9 month old spoodle puppy, Toby. Wishing we had contacted Bark Busters sooner!!

Jodie P., South Nowra, NSW.

Philippa was so refreshing I feel like we have good direction she was able to fill in the missing gaps and give us the confidence in taking control.

Sharon C., Worrigee, NSW.

Excellent trainer, kind, professional addressed the issues.

Toni N., Nowra, NSW.

Phillippa explained everything very clearly and we love the way issues are dealt with from the dogs point of view. Hester and I enjoyed the training. We’ve had noticibale results in expecially door behaviour and staying off the coach in the first lesson and look forward to continue with Philippa.

Andrea L., Wattamolla, NSW.

Very friendly and helpful.

Dennis P., Sanctuary Point, NSW.

“Philippa is so professional , but friendly and approachable. Monty, my husband and I all warmed to her immediately. She answered all,our questions, and hopefully, set Monty and us on the path to good puppy manners…….we realise this depends on us doing the right thing by Monty. This isn’t always easy, but we’re trying.
We feel we can ring Philippa at any time with any behavioural problems, which is a comfort to us.
We look forward to our next appointment.”

Sandra, W., Nowra, NSW.

I found Philippa to be very friendly & professional. A caring person & understanding of dogs.

James G., Bodalla, NSW.

Philippa was absolutely incredible, her knowledge about dogs behaviour and training was second to none. We have seen immediate results with our dog Wolf and can not wait for further training sessions to improve his behaviour before the birth of our daughter.

Tegan O., Ulladulla, NSW.

Philippa is a great teacher. Learning how dogs think was very helpful. I can see the training working already, but consistency and patience are key. As a first time dog owner I thoroughly recommend Bark Busters.

Tracey B., Tapitallee, NSW.

It was great having Phillipa out to train us all ! Although Sophie went very shy and didn’t misbehave at all whilst Phillipa was nearby she did start to show her normal behaviour when our other dog entered the room. We got given some clear concise training tips and we all as a family are implementing them and seeing a bit of success and it’s only day two after training.

Samantha F., Bomaderry, NSW.

“We were very impressed with the professional knowledge of Phillipa. The results with Bella are proof in the pudding. We’re very happy with the resultant behaviour of Bella.”

Bernadette, C., Worrigee, NSW.

“We had Phillipa Dakin as our teacher and she was fantastic – so patient with us and Boots – can’t wait to see her again in 2 weeks.”

Veronica, H., Sussex Inlet, NSW.