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  • Why Breed Matters?
    Why Breed Matters?
    February 22 2018
    As dog trainers, we are often asked by pet parents what breed of dog they should get. Which is the hardest to raise? The most intelligent? The answer is always the same: it depends. It depends on what type of dog is best for you, your family and your lifestyle.  ...read more
  • The Difference Between Loving and Spoiling Your Dog
    The Difference Between Loving and Spoiling Your Dog
    February 14 2018
    Do you love your dog? Of course, you do! If you're a Responsible Dog Owner, developing a loving relationship with your dog based on trust and respect is essential for its emotional and psychological health. ...read more
  • Is Your Dog Aggressive?
    Is Your Dog Aggressive?
    February 09 2018
    As Bark Busters trainers, we are often called upon to help dog owners overcome aggression. In fact, we are one of the few training companies able to deal with this behaviour. Many dog owners are frightened that their dog's aggression cannot be curbed. However, with patience and the Bark Busters training methods, we can make behavioural changes no matter how severe the aggression is. ...read more
  • Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy For Life
    Tips For Keeping Your Dog Healthy For Life
    January 22 2018
    Are you doing everything possible to keep your dog healthy and happy? Spending time with your dog and providing a healthy lifestyle are key to your dog's longevity. Here are some great tips from Bark Busters to ensure your dog stays in tip top shape. ...read more
  • A Back To School Quiz About Dogs
    A Back To School Quiz About Dogs
    January 15 2018
    Are your kids walking or riding their bikes to school? Do they play in the neighbourhood and encounter dogs? With around 13,000 people each year attending hospital emergency departments in Australia for dog bite injuries, it's important that your children know what to do when they encounter unfamiliar dogs. Give them this quiz to prevent them from dog bites and keep them safe. ...read more
  • Puppies and School Holidays
    Puppies and School Holidays
    January 08 2018
    In this article, we want to talk about the effect school holidays can have on puppies. In the same way that school holidays are a break in routine for your children, they can create a break in routine for your puppy. However, whilst your children understand that after the break they will return to school and resume their weekly routine, puppies quickly develop a new set of expectations and behaviours based on the changes in their environment, and this can create difficulties and setbacks in your training. ...read more
  • Creating a Dog Friendly Backyard
    Creating a Dog Friendly Backyard
    September 25 2017
    Creating a dog-friendly backyard brings many benefits such as the dog's safety, prevention of boredom and attendant misbehaviours, exercise, and enjoyment of nature. ...read more
  • Snake Catchers and Bark Busters
    September 01 2017
    With the snake season fast approaching, dog owners might like some tips on keeping your dogs away from snakes.  ...read more
  • Helping Your Dog Recover From An Injury
    Helping Your Dog Recover From An Injury
    August 07 2017
    Whether your dog is recovering from an injury, illness or surgery, it is important to look after his needs, ensure he has the time to recuperate fully, and follow the veterinarian's instructions. Sometimes this is harder on dog owners because you feel sorry for your dog, but consistent rules and guidance are what our dogs need from us for a safe and speedy recovery. ...read more
  • Grooming Pains - Tips for Easier Grooming
    Grooming Pains - Tips for Easier Grooming
    July 24 2017
    Grooming can be difficult for some pet owners and a fun experience for others. It doesn't have to be traumatic for you or your dog, but it can be easier if you know what you're doing. If you choose to handle your dog's grooming needs at home, these tips will help. ...read more