Why Won't My Dog Listen?

If your dog misbehaves, you've probably tried screaming, bribing with treats or just giving up. Please don't do these. Bark Busters will help you.

January 8 2020
Why Won't My Dog Listen?

If your dog misbehaves, you've probably tried screaming at your dog to the point where he thinks his name is "bad dog." You might have even tried bribing him with treats. Or maybe you have decided to just give up and tolerate his bad behaviour.

Don't! Unfortunately, none of these methods will work because you are not communicating with your dog in a language he understands.

Dogs don't speak English, so how can we expect them to understand what we are saying? Human language is a foreign language to them. Dogs communicate with each other using body language - their tail wagging when they are happy, their hair standing on end when they are on alert. They understand the "pack mentality" and that there is always a "leader of the pack". That's why the Bark Busters Home Dog Training method works so well - we teach you to "speak dog," using a language that dogs comprehend. Yes, speak dog!

The training tactics we employ emulate the same tactics dogs use to train each other and humans. There is no better standard for canine education than that which dogs are predisposed to use and understand. Contrary to common assumptions, dogs do not typically use pain or fear to communicate with each other, so the Bark Busters training approach doesn't either. Additionally, dogs learn through a number of processes-operant conditioning, classical conditioning, inference and imitation are chief among them. The Bark Busters training tactics take advantage of all of these learning processes in a dog-friendly way. At Bark Busters-without physical force or cajoling-we will teach you how to use your tone of voice and body language as your most powerful tool.

Dogs will interpret your body language whether you're aware of it or not. A dog may appear frightened or threatened simply because you're much bigger than him, move quickly toward him, or bend over him. If you want to encourage your dog to come to you, make yourself non-threatening by lowering to his level. At Bark Busters, our dog training is humane, non-physical and totally click free.

Hitting, grabbing or striking your dog is not a form of communication that they understand, at least not as it may be intended. Instead, dogs usually learn to fear and mistrust you. Using your body language, eye contact and your tone of voice can prove far more effective.

The end result of our unique dog training program? A dog that is well-behaved for years to come!