You Can Prevent Dog Bites

Most dogs are very friendly, but many dogs will bite if they think they have to. Bark Busters Home Dog Training provides safety tips to prevent a dog bite.

January 29 2020
You Can Prevent Dog Bites

Dogs usually give warnings before they resort to biting.  If you learn what to watch out for and what situations make dog's likely to feel uncomfortable, you can avoid bites.

Whether it's a Chihuahua or German shepherd, a dog’s breed has nothing to do with aggression.  With the right training and education, dog owners and the public in general can learn how to reduce attacking behaviour. It’s all about reinforcing leadership over your dog – and showing them who’s leader of the pack.

Dog body language that signals potential danger

  • Ears flattened against the head
  • Tail lowered
  • Backward leaning posture
  • Hackles raised on the back of neck
  • Teeth bared or mouth shut tight

How to prevent a dog bite - Bark Busters’ dog safety rules:

Safety tips for adults

  • Don’t try to make friends with an unfamiliar dog.
  • If a dog approaches you and looks aggressive, stand still, stand tall and don’t move a muscle until the dog loses interest in you. Don’t try to run away.
  • Face the dog at all times but don’t make eye contact with the dog or stare. This can be perceived as an act of aggression.
  • Allow the dog to smell you but don’t put your hand out.
  • Back away slowly, watching the dog from the corner of your eye.
  • If a dog runs at you barking, stand totally still and cover your face with your hands.
  • If knocked into the ground by a dog, roll into a ball, cover your face with your arms and stay as still as you possibly can. Don’t try to get up.

Safety tips for parents

  • Never leave a baby alone with a dog.
  • Young children should never walk or feed a dog unsupervised.
  • Do not allow a small child to discipline a dog.
  • Prevent children from pulling on a dog’s collar or aggressive or rough play.
  • As a general rule, children should be taught to never pat a strange dog, even if the owner is present.
  • Children should stay away from dogs that are eating or sleeping, and avoid dogs that have new puppies.
  • Dogs that are tied up should never be approached; children should never retrieve a ball from a backyard with a dog tied up.

For more safety tips for the children visit our Dally section by clicking here

These simple rules can keep both humans and dogs happy and safe!