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  • Does Your Dog Love To Chase Moving Things?
    Does Your Dog Love To Chase Moving Things?
    March 18 2020
    Many dogs chase other animals, cyclists, skateboarders, cats, the postman you name it! It can  sometimes end badly, so while you may not be able to stop your dog from trying to chase, we can  help you take steps to prevent disaster. more
  • Fear of Thunder
    Fear of Thunder
    March 11 2020
    A dog who suffers from anxiety during thunderstorms may begin to display anxious behaviour long before the thunder starts. Dogs can hear the thunder coming before we do and may experience shocks from the static electricity that comes with them. Your dog can sense a drop in the barometric pressure and shifts in static electric fields. On top of this, the sky gets dark, and it can get windier and then the thunder itself happens - it is a build-up of events. No wonder with all of these things happening dogs freak out. more
  • The Timid Dog
    The Timid Dog
    March 05 2020
    The life of a rescue dog or puppy mill dog, may not be a happy one right from the start and any negative experiences can have a huge impact on their personalities and behaviour. All dogs are born with a certain temperament and if that temperament is shy and nervous, it cannot be changed through training. However, you can certainly work with your dog to make their lives comfortable, safe and happy and you will see improvements over time. more
  • Scent Games To Challenge Your Pups
    Scent Games To Challenge Your Pups
    February 26 2020
    Dog noses are amazing. Your pet can smell things that you can only imagine, and with over 300 million smell receptors in his nose, it’s easy to see why a dog’s sense of smell is so important. If you want to engage in some educational play with your pooch, why not try one of these fun scent games with your dog? more
  • Are You A Great Dog Owner?
    Are You A Great Dog Owner?
    February 19 2020
    We know you love your pet, but are you really a great pet owner? Here are some things that make good people great dog owners. But don’t take our word for it--ask your dog how you’re doing, too! more
    Tags Dog safety
  • How to Show Affection to Your Dog
    How to Show Affection to Your Dog
    February 14 2020
    One of the best ways to bond with your dog is by showing them love and affection, but you need to know the right way of doing this. Dogs aren’t like people, so what you think your dog may love may actually cause them stress. Here are some of the best ways to show affection to your dog. more
  • Doggy Breath - Causes and Cures
    Doggy Breath - Causes and Cures
    February 07 2020
    Most dogs suffer from bad breath at one time or another. Some struggle with horrible halitosis their entire lives. While it may not appear to bother them very much, it probably isn’t pleasant for you...Here’s what you need to know about your dog’s bad breath and what you can do to cure them. more
    Tags Health
  • You Can Prevent Dog Bites
    You Can Prevent Dog Bites
    January 29 2020
    Dogs usually give warnings before they resort to biting.  If you learn what to watch out for and what situations make dog's likely to feel uncomfortable, you can avoid bites. more
  • How to Establish a Relationship with your Dog?
    How to Establish a Relationship with your Dog?
    January 22 2020
    What kind of relationship do you want with your dog? Chances are you want to form a strong bond with your dog which will be the entire foundation for how your dog behaves. Remember a dog is not only “man’s best friend”, but someone who needs to learn from you – you need to establish yourself as an effective canine “Leader”. Here we’ll give you some tips to cement your relationship with your dog based on trust, mutual respect and affection. more
  • Could Dogs Prevent Allergies vs. Cause Them?
    Could Dogs Prevent Allergies vs. Cause Them?
    January 15 2020
    Many people are allergic to dogs and can suffer reactions ranging from itchy eyes to severe wheezing and sneezing. However, new studies report that having a dog in your home may actually prevent babies from getting allergies and asthma later in childhood versus causing them. more