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  • Caring for Senior/Older Dogs
    Caring for Senior/Older Dogs
    October 16 2019
    Dogs give us so much unconditional love, companionship, loyalty and protection throughout their lives. As dogs age (in general, dogs aged seven years or more are considered senior), they do rely on us to provide a little extra patience, attention and care to accommodate their changing needs. more
  • Does Your Dog Come When Called?
    Does Your Dog Come When Called?
    October 09 2019
    If your dog comes every time you call him, that’s great. But if you find that your dog consistently ignores your recall, then you may need to improve your technique, and put some training into place for your dog. more
  • Is Your Dog A Digger?
    Is Your Dog A Digger?
    October 02 2019
    Does your dog dig? It’s a common behaviour of dogs that many people have come to accept as “it’s just what dogs do.” While in a lot of cases, it could just be a breed trait or an activity your dog loves to pass the time with, in other cases it could be a sign of something that needs to be addressed. more
  • Why So Many People Don't Train Their Dogs and Why They Should?
    Why So Many People Don't Train Their Dogs and Why They Should?
    September 25 2019
    A well trained dog is a happy dog, but many pet owners don’t bother taking the time to properly train their pet. There are several reasons why people don’t bother to train their dogs: more
  • Changing your Dogs Behaviour
    Changing your Dogs Behaviour
    September 18 2019
    Knowing how to educate a dog is not a skill that comes naturally to all dog owners, some people struggle to get their dog under control which can be distressing for you and your pet. After all, dogs don’t misbehave without reason, and a well-behaved dog is an understood and happy dog. Changing problem behaviours takes knowledge and patience, especially if the behaviour has been long-established. more
  • Positivity-Only Training
    Positivity-Only Training
    September 11 2019
    You may have heard the term 'positivity based training' used when discussing dog training before. 'Positivity-only' training takes the concept a step further. Here's why positivity-only training is the best way to train your dog. more
  • Communicating With Your Dog
    Communicating With Your Dog
    August 07 2019
    Just because your dog can’t speak ‘human’ it doesn’t mean you can’t communicate. Your canine may not be able to converse with you in your native tongue, but if you pay close attention, you can learn the subtle ways in which your dog communicates to you and even other dogs. more
  • Winter woes?  A dog-lover’s guide to solving winter blues
    Winter woes? A dog-lover’s guide to solving winter blues
    August 01 2019
    If your dog is your best friend, you probably want to make sure that it is warm and comfortable during the wet and windy months of winter. Here are some invaluable tips that will ensure you’ve got a happy hound right through winter, whether it spends most of the time inside or out. more
  • How Your Dog Sees the World
    How Your Dog Sees the World
    July 31 2019
    Your dog's eyes are very different from your own, but probably not in the ways that you think. Here's some fascinating information about your dog's vision that will help you understand how they see the world. more
  • Why Neutering Is a Smart Choice for Your Canine
    Why Neutering Is a Smart Choice for Your Canine
    July 27 2019
    Your vet has probably told you that neutering your dog is a good idea, but maybe you aren’t so sure. You may feel it’s better to let nature take its course when it comes to your dog’s reproductive health. more