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Barking dog? What can you do?

A barking dog in the neighbourhood can be a source of real frustration and a potential for dispute. It may be your neighbour is unaware of the problem.

Before taking any action, take a look at our Barking Solutions® pack which lays out a clear process to aid resolution of a barking dog problem.

This pack contains information to assist you and your neighbour to resolve a nuisance barking dog matter. This document is available to download as a PDF file. (A program such as Adobe Reader is required to view and print the document)

Barking Solutions Download

The following is contained in the information pack:

  • Barking Diary – A diary for complainants which will help to log details of the dates and times of the nuisance barking.
  • Information to dog owners – Details for owners who may have a barking dog. Steps to take and points to remember.
  • Letter to Dog Owner – A letter that can be sent to the owner of a barking dog, highlighting them to the fact that their dog is causing a nuisance when barking.
  • Letter to Council – A letter which can be completed and sent with the Barking Diary to request further help from the Council.
  • Barking Prevention Tips – Handy facts and tips which may help to stop the barking.

Please consult your local trainer if you own a dog that is causing nuisance barking.

To request information or to book a lesson with your local trainer, please click here.

You can also get in touch with your local trainer by calling: 1800 067 710

“Philippa was very informative, helpful & professional. Explained everything clearly, and gave us lots of useful information & tips to assist us in the training of our dogs. Philippa was courteous, polite and patient, with us and our dogs.”

Dale S - Sanctuary Point, New South Wales , ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

“We had an amazing session with Todd and Sylvia. All our issues were addressed within the hour, two weeks later Angus is sleeping in his kennel and the barking has stopped. Thank you Todd and Silvia for your generous time and teaching us the techniques to improve his behavior.”

Anna B - Figtree, New South Wales, ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

“Faith is a lifesaver, she in just the first lesson gave me the tools and tips I needed to train my dogs without the need of treats or shock collars. I felt at ease the entire time and now have the confidence to continue training by myself. No more unruly staffies! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Melissa C - Forest Glen, Queensland, ⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑

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