Why Desexing your Dog is the Right Choice

You have probably been told that desexing your dog is a good idea, but maybe you’re not sure. There are many good reasons why it’s the smart choice.

Desexing is where a male dog’s testicles are surgically removed. It’s a procedure advocated in many countries, including Australia. The chief reasons are population control and prevention of certain health conditions, such as testicular cancer.

The procedure for desexing female dogs is called spaying and includes the removal of the dog’s uterus and ovaries. It is a standard procedure, but is still a major surgery, done under full anaesthetic, that requires hospitalisation.

You may feel it’s better to let nature take its course when it comes to your dog’s reproductive health. But there are more than a few good reasons why getting ‘the snip’ is a great idea for your dog.

Here is why desexing is a smart choice for your canine companion.

Reducing overpopulation

Every year, thousands of unwanted dogs and puppies are placed in shelters across the country. Some of these go on to find forever homes, but many–too many–are euthanised. Some euthanised animals are young, healthy pups who should have lived a long and happy life, but there simply wasn’t a home waiting for them.

Healthier dog

Studies have shown that desexed dogs live longer than those that haven’t been and they are less likely to develop testicular cancer, too. For females there is a reduced risk of cancer or other diseases of the reproductive organs, such as cystic ovaries, ovarian tumours, acute uterine infections and breast cancer.

Because it takes away the urge to breed, so your dog will be less likely to make a break for freedom in a desperate attempt to get to females that may also be in heat. This can also mean that you’ll reduce the chances of your dog being injured while roaming around, looking for a female.

Better behaviour

Desexed males don’t tend to feel the need to mark their territory quite as often which could mean less indoor ‘accidents’ as well as less aggression. Females will no longer cycle and no longer have messy bleeding.

 Minimise Aggression

The sooner you desex your male dog you may stop aggressive behaviour from developing in the first place. Female dogs are also less aggressive and more manageable with regards to training and temperament and be more affectionate, playful and relaxed.

Of course, desexing doesn’t guarantee that your pet won’t have behaviours that need to be corrected, but it can certainly help.

Desexing is healthy, and a responsible thing for pet owners to do. Speak to your vet about having your dog desexed for their health and well-being.

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