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The most effective system for preventing canine bites, Bite Busters® Canine Safety Programmes deliver on-site, in-person training by our qualified National Manager for Australia and New Zealand.

Developed specifically for WHS in service and delivery organisations, meter readers, council workers, schools, home care or any person entering premises where they may be exposed to canines, this unique training programme is a way for employers to keep their people safe. The programme builds confidence in their workplace and is an effective way to reduce the costs associated with workplace safety.

Our programmes

Our Bite Busters® Canine Safety Programmes are tailored for specific industry sectors:

Stand Rite No Bite®

We deliver on-site, to your organisations across Australia.

Helping employers keep their people safe is simple with Stand Rite No Bite®. With our programmes, all employees will learn;

  • The safest way to enter properties
  • How to recognise those dogs that are more likely to bite or attack
  • How to alter what they do naturally that could be the key to why they might get bitten
  • Why dogs attack and how to minimise an attack
  • Basic dog psychology
  • How to recognise the signs of aggression in canines
  • How to recognise and apply canine communication techniques
  • How to deal appropriately and effectively with canine owners
  • Mitigate or prevent serious injury in the event of an attack
A dog safety lecture A dog safety lecture

The Stand Rite No Bite® programme is our most popular lecture held in a fun atmosphere. The programme accomplishes these goals with a power point presentation, videos of real cases, interactive role-play, stories and interactive demonstrations. We provide a detailed course manual and an attendance certificate following completion.

Keeping employees safe makes good business sense, it reduces the risk of injury in the workplace, which in turn reduces insurance premiums. Canine bites are a serious problem - we have the answer.

Bite Busters® Dog Capture and Handling Course

The Bite Busters® Dog Capture and Handling Course provides employees with professional, effective and tested safety techniques about the capture and impounding of canines in the workplace. This course deals with the skills and knowledge required to safely implement the capture and handling of canines. It includes the Stand Rite No Bite® programme.

This course is suitable for people whose employment involves dealing with canines in a variety of situations and is aimed at but not limited to, Animal Control Officers, Animal Shelter Managers & Employees, Canine Breeders, Pet Shop Proprietors, Animal Rescue Employees & Volunteers, Dog Trainers, and Kennel Proprietors.

Bite Busters® Dog Capture and Handling Small Groups Programme

The Bite Busters® Dog Capture and Handling Course Small Groups Programme course is delivered on site at Bark Busters Australia Head Office at Dapto, NSW Australia and is limited to 5 participants. The course structure includes power point presentation, video presentation, case histories, participant role plays, equipment recommendations, vehicle inspection and set up, live dog demonstration, directors/ international head trainer mentoring and training, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, handout, attendance certificates.

Dally Says Child Safety and Educational Programme

The Dally Says Child Safety and Educational Program is a one hour presentation for children and parents with information about the safe behaviour and techniques to use around the presence of dogs, in public and at home. It has valuable trialled and tested information about how children should treat and respect dogs and how parents should educate and monitor safety around dogs. It includes a presentation delivered by our Bark Busters qualified dog behavioural therapists and a DVD presentation "Dally Says", which can be purchased for further education of children and parents.

Specifically designed courses for any organisation

Bite Busters® Canine Safety Programmes can be personally tailored and designed to suit your organisations' specific requirements. We can address specific workplace, home and school requirements following your operating guidelines, Work health and Safety legislation and competency standards.

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Why Bite Busters®

Effective and tested training

The use of our Bite Busters® Canine Safety Programmes has consistently delivered almost a 100% reduction in bites and attacks as reported by organisations who have invested in the course. Our programme outcomes include:

  • A greater understanding and confidence in employees.
  • Higher achievement of workplace key result areas and measures of success.
  • In the case of unavoidable, unseen attacks, the severity of bites has been greatly reduced.
  • Effective education of children and parents in dealing with canines in homes, schools and in workplaces.

Our Clients

Bark Busters Home Dog Training is the largest dog training company in the world and our Stand Rite No Bite® dog safety programme is nationally, the most respected and effective method to avoid dog attacks.

Our impressive list of clients speaks for itself:

  • Australian Institute of Local Government Rangers Inc.
  • Integral Energy NSW
  • Essential Energy NSW
  • Energy Australia NSW
  • Ergon Energy QLD
  • Origin Energy SA, VIC and QLD
  • Western Power WA
  • Power Water NT
  • Illawarra Electricity NSW
  • QLD Government Department of Communities
  • Australian Electoral Commission ACT
  • Australian Councils
  • Australian Vets
  • Dog clubs
  • NSW police
  • ConEd ,New York

To learn more about our exceptional dog safety programmes or to receive more information contact Peter Adamow on: (02) 4784 1912 or 0412 603 709.

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