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1st June 2001

A changed dog and of course most importantly we were trained to continue the work.

Debbie O.

1st June 2001

Thanks very much Angela! We were impresed and happy with the results.

Aaron & Lisa S.

1st June 2001

We had hoped for some improvement in our dogs' behaviour but never expected to see such an immediate response. We're extremely happy and relieved that our dogs are much calmer, responsive and more reliable, especially with our first baby due in a few weeks.

Justine and Brett.

1st June 2001

Angela is truly amazing- caring,patient,gentle-and that's just with the dog owners. The Bark Busters system is fantastic and has really made our life and nieghbours more enjoyable.

Colin M.

1st June 2001

Angela fitted into our home like she belonged. We would have quite happily exchanged her for the dogs.

Andrew R.

1st June 2001

Very happy with results and following up training very effective not only with pets but also owners. Highly recommend Bark Busters.

Patricia C.

1st June 2001

Absolutely! We found it to be fun and educational and the results were so satifying.

Sally P.

1st June 2001

Angela was absolutey fantastic. we should have called Bark Busters long ago! Angela did a great job and was so easy to work with.

Jacki B.

1st June 2001

Angela was great with Archie and also had very good people skills. I was very mpressed.

Leanne L.

1st June 2001

Bark Busters have given us great tools to use. We now have completely different dogs.

Maxine M.

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