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Stand Rite No Bite® Canine Safety Training

No dog bite stance

Stand Rite No Bite® is a passive method of avoiding dog bites and attacks in the workplace.

This safety program is available as an onsite Canine Safety Lecture at your organisation or an  Online Training Program for your workers.

Canine Safety Lecture

This lecture runs for 2 to 2.5hrs and deals with the skills and knowledge required to safely avoid dog attacks including safe entry to premises and dog environments. This lecture is suitable for people whose employment involves dealing with canines in a variety of situations and is aimed at but, not limited to:

  • people whose work involves entering a property for a specific purpose
  • meter readers
  • animal control officers
  • animal shelter managers & employees
  • postal workers
  • canine breeders
  • pet shop proprietors
  • animal rescue employees & volunteers
  • dog trainers
  • kennel proprietors                                               

Online Dog Safety Program

This online program is designed to be used on all platforms: desktop, tablets, mobile phones.

Keep Employees safe

The online resource covers all areas of dog safety and includes videos, audio presentation and short assessments. It can be customised for your organisation’s branding. The resource is tailored to provide reports, completion rates and outcomes for all your participating workers. These are designed to be sent to your organisations’ nominated management. The resource can be costed as an individual user pay or an annual fee with bulk employee participants.




Stand Rite No Bite ® Program Key Competencies

These key competencies will be addressed in the program:

At the end of the program the learner will be able to define and or explain the following:

stand right

  • explain how  dogs evolved and how this affects domestic dogs  and workplaces today
  • define canine communication techniques and how dogs communicate to the worker and how to read their communication
  • define various dogs’ attributes and how this can assist in defining various workplace situations
  • explain the way canine live and instinctive pack features and how this defines canines’ reactions to certain situations
  • define how dogs learn which creates their behaviour
  • explain the instincts of dogs and how this affects their behaviour in the workplace
  • define WHS in preventing and minimising a dog attack; identifying the hazard, assessing the risk, controlling the risk
  • defining various canine temperaments to assess a safe workplace


  • assess the higher risk temperaments
  • define camp dog attributes and behaviour
  • preparing for safe entry to canine premises
  • conducting safe entry to canine premises
  • defining action NOT to take around canine to create a safe work environment
  • define aggression attributes and how to deal with them
  • defining workers behaviour that can cause aggression in canines in the workplace
  • explain how to deal with dog owners to diffuse a potential situation
  • identify the main types of dog attacks
  • define what to do in a dog attack situation
  • demonstrate the Stand Rite No Bite® approach and explain the various canine reactions to the technique
  • define the use of existing tools as personal protective equipment


Bark Busters Safety Training

Since 1991, delivering Stand Rite No Bite® Canine Safety Training  has consistently delivered almost a 100% reduction in bites and attacks reported by organisations who have invested and followed the course outcomes, a greater understanding and confidence in employees dealing with canines in the workplace, higher achievement of workplace key result areas and measures of success and in the case of unavoidable, unseen attacks the severity of bites has been greatly reduced. Bark Buster's natural dog training techniques leverage the same communications methods, body language and voice control, that dogs follow as part of their instinctual mentality. Without the use of complicated or aversive techniques and equipment, our employee safety program teaches sustainable ways to discourage dogs from developing fearful or aggressive responses to household visitors. Bark Busters Stand Rite No Bite® Dog Safety Program™ differs from other methods that rely solely on video, printed materials, physical methods and ineffective, even dangerous, equipment. The Bark Busters program is highly interactive and engaging. We do not use any physical or aggressive actions in our safety training programs


Bark Busters Commitment to Safety

Bark Busters Danny and SylviaThe program is designed by world renown dog behaviouralists and trainers Danny and Sylvia Wilson, founders of the world largest dog training company, Bark Busters home dog training. Having been founded in the late 80’s by Sylvia and Danny Wilson, while Sylvia was Manager of an RSPCA animal shelter on the South Coast of NSW.  In working with unruly, aggressive and misbehaving dogs, they found that using simple canine communication and pack law techniques allowed them to train all dogs quickly and easily. From this, they created the Stand Rite No Bite® Canine Safety Training which is mandatory training for all Bark Busters dog behavioural therapists and trainers around the world and now available to the general public through our corporate programs. They now head the most successful dog training company in the world, with offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, and Canada.

Bark Busters has now trained over 1 million dogs since 1989 in 6 countries around the world.  We deal with all behaviours including difficult issues such as aggression, sibling rivalry, separation anxiety, and varieties of obsessive behaviours.

Some of the organisations that we have delivered Stand Rite No Bite® Canine Safety Training to are:

Australian Institute of Local Government Rangers Inc., Australian Councils, Northern Territory Dept. of Health , Power Water N.T, Darwin, QLD Department of Health Cairns, QLD Department of Communities - Housing & Homelessness Services Qld Government, Ergon Energy QLD, Energy Queensland,  Ausnet Services VIC, Red Energy VIC and NSW, Yarra Valley Water VIC, AMRS S.A,  S.A Water, S.A Power Networks, Origin Energy S.A , Horizon Energy W.A., Western Power W.A., Endeavour Energy NSW, Essential Energy NSW, Integral Energy NSW, Energy Australia NSW, Illawarra Electricity NSW, Australian Electoral Commission ACT, and Australian Vets, Con Ed in USA.

The onsite program is delivered by Peter Adamow, National Manager Bark Busters Canine Safety Lectures Australia and New Zealand.

Since 2001, Peter has trained over 5000 dogs as a Bark Busters dog behavioural therapist and trainer and has re-trained dogs that have been declared dangerous and assisted in having declarations revoked for owners by councils. He has also assisted in training and assessment for greyhounds to achieve green hound status for therapy dogs.

Peter is a qualified, nationally recognised workplace training and assessment trainer and delivers and develops training programs to adult learners for Australian Registered Training Organisations.


  • Bark Busters National Training in Dog Behavioural Therapy and Training System
  • TAE Certificate IV in Training & Assessment
  • Diploma of Management
  • TAA Cert. IV in Training and Assessment
  • Cert. IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
  • Course in RPL Assessor Training
  • Cert. IV Workplace Training Category II
  • Cert. II Workplace Training Category I

Stand Rite No Bite® program reviews

Endeavour Energy, Campbelltown NSW

Rail Corp NSW
Incredibly informative. There were so many misconceptions cleared up”
“very worthwhile course to undertake. definitely recommend. Thank you.

Ergon Energy QLD
“I have used the techniques and found them to be effective”
“yes, very effective (stand rite no bite worked several times)”

Dubbo Council
“yes use it all the time and have not received a bite yet”- Nick Walker – Dubbo Council

Red Energy NSW and VIC
“The training was beneficial for the business, excellent knowledge about dog handling in the workplace”
“Perfectly clear, Informational / good strategy”
“Brilliant, Full of information“
“It was absolutely helpful as far as dogs threat is concerned”
“Exceptional Awesome. 10 out of 10”

QLD Govt. Department Remote Housing
“Peter – facilitator delivered a very interesting informative workshop which was enjoyable and I learnt a lot”
“Great training as staff come to me for solutions and also when training staff how to stay safe”
“Would be good to have a fresher course every 12months”
“very relevant as frequently travel in communities and encounter packs of dogs on street”