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Our methods focus on creating a positive relationship between you and your dog to improve your dog's behaviour and obedience. Our expertise is in understanding how a dog naturally thinks, learns and communicates and then using this to show you how to be your dog’s leader. Once this relationship is established, behaviour change is a natural next step. Our techniques work with any age, any breed, any issue. You and your dog get one-on-one attention, an individualised plan to suit your family AND guaranteed support for the life of your dog.


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The Doberman Pinscher possesses an ease of movement and regal appearance befitting their royal status in the canine kingdom. Originally bred as guard dogs, Dobermans are strong and athletic, with boun... more

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Latest News

December 17 2022
Merry Woofmas from our Pack to your Pack

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and one where we can once again gather together unrestricted with our family and friends.  In all the preparation and celebration don’t forget about your fur babies. Please take a moment to consider the following holiday tips which will help keep your dog safe, your stress level low and your Christmas merry! more

December 09 2022
A Dog's Holiday Experience

“I always get a little anxious at this time of year.  There’s so much change going on in the house.  Lots of people dropping by unexpectedly and I thought from what you’ve taught me all year it was my job to answer the door first!  But, everyone gets so bent out of shape when I greet them with appropriate exuberance - especially Aunty Shirley. I’m yelling “Hi come in, you smell so good in that fur!” and she starts yelling back (it’s so high pitched I think she’s excited to see me but I guess she doesn’t know what to do with her purse coz she keeps waving it in front of me.) Then ‘Dad’ yells at me in that deep voice as he towers over top of me, always scaring me enough to pee a little. Then there is more yelling.  I’m very confused so I run into the new bathroom to relieve myself and then, more yelling!  Who puts a tree right inside if you are not going to use it?  How was I supposed to know it wasn’t a new indoor bathroom?!” – signed, your dog. more

April 02 2022
Dog Park Safety Tips

Dog parks are an excellent way to get out some of that "extra" energy your dog may have. Dog parks can also be a great way to socialise your dog -- but can also be unsafe if proper measures aren't taken. The following tips are to help you keep your dog safe and happy at the park. more

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