Barking Solutions®

What you can do when your dog or your neighbours' dog is driving you up the wall with constant barking.

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Barking dog

Barking dog? What can you do?

A barking dog in the neighbourhood can be a source of real frustration and a potential for dispute. It may be your neighbour is unaware of the problem.

This pack contains information to assist you and your neighbour to resolve a nuisance barking dog matter. 

Before taking any action, take a look at our Barking Solutions® pack which lays out a clear process to aid resolution of a barking dog problem.

The pack can be downloaded here: Barking Solutions Download

The following is contained in the information pack:

  • Barking Diary – A diary for complainants which will help to log details of the dates and times of the nuisance barking
  • Information to dog owners – Details for owners who may have a barking dog. Steps to take and points to remember.
  • Letter to Dog Owner – A letter that can be sent to the owner of a barking dog, highlighting them to the fact that their dog is causing a nuisance when barking.
  • Letter to Council – A letter which can be completed and sent with the Barking Diary to request further help form the Council.
  • Barking Prevention Tips – Handy facts and tips which may help to stop the barking.

Please consult your local trainer if you own a dog that is causing nuisance barking.

To request information or to book a lesson with your local trainer, please click here.

You can also get in touch with your local trainer by calling 1800 067 710